Cost Benefit Calculations – Mod 1 SLP (need back today)

  This assignment requires you to do a consume and profit partition for the forthcoming gang. You succeed want to consider carefully the consume and profit caution individuality at "Home" of module 1. Ebidding gang has a ecommerce website that beget $500,000 per year. Compute the annualized trounce of event (ARO) and annualized missing trust (ALE) for each risk: CategoryCost per incidentFrequency of eventProgramming errors$1,0002 per weekInformation larceny(hacker)$2,0001 per districtInformation larceny(employee)$5,0001 per yearViruses$1,0001 per yearDenial of use attacks$3,5001 per 6 monthNatural diaster$100,0001 per 20 years Note: unravel setting materials, and also bring-about permanent to change abundance of event to per-annum sordid. One year elapsed, compute the consume and profit of controls that enjoy been in situate. Category Cost per incident Frequency of event Cost of controlType of controlProgramming errors$1,0002 per week$2500TrainingInformation larceny(hacker)$2,0001 per district$10,000FirewallInformation larceny(employee)$5,0001 per year$10,000Physical securityViruses$1,0001 per year$10,000Anti-virusDenial of use attacks$3,5001 per 6 month$10,000FirewallNatural diaster$100,0001 per 20 years$15,000Insurance SLP Assignment Expectations Clear sense of your caution.