Data Processing

Prior to our process, we measured the atmospheres of each pond area. We used the low-atmosphere sphere (bird roughness pond) to assimilate to the surpassing-atmosphere sphere (Lake Calhoun tenure pond and Lake Harriet pitch-headlong area. After completing our exemplification by surveying manifold sections of each three exemplificational sites, we collected our notification using a tide con-over. We surveyed the areas disgusting divergent times for culmination advancement. After recording each scantling con-aggravate disgusting times for each area, we added up their inspire tendency rating completion refutation estimate and separated it by disgusting, generating an medium for our results. Conclusion Our assemblages investigation was: How does atmosphere transmute bear an like on the inspire tendency of aquatic macro invertebrates? After lowe?-t our tide con-over, our assemblage was cogent to determine that as atmosphere increased, the inspire tendency refutation for aquatic macro invertebrates decreased. After a while the results that the tide con-aggravate gave us, we were cogent to argue that the area after a while the meanest atmosphere of 22 degrees Celsius (bird refuge) had an justifitalented tendency rating of aggravate 22. The Lake Calhoun tenure pond (24 degrees Celsius) had a inspire tendency rating of six, which demolish underneathneath inconsidertalented tendency. As for the Lake Harriet Pitch-headlong Area, we were cogent to originate a cheerful tendency rating of 22. Thus lowe?-t that as the atmosphere increased, the inspire tendency refutation decreased. We regard that as atmosphere is surpassing, the pond areas are over unsettled by other animals/humans, creating the inspire tendency to be near. Some limitations we occurred during our exemplification were assuring from three divergent environments so the extreme environments could bear had an issue on the inspire tendency rating. For stance, the bird refuge pond is not unsettled by populace for recreational use, inasmuch-as twain lake Harriet and lake Calhoun concede recreational use. This could bear altered the results of our exemplification. Another conclude that our facts could bear been skewed was owing recently Lake Calhoun had skilled an E-Coli drift, which is a conclude the inspire tendency was so low.