Fair Minded Thinkers

****DUE IN 8 HRS!!!**** Characteristics of Fair-Minded Thinkers: Intellectual autonomy Intellectual courage Intellectual empathy Intellectual humility Intellectual integrity Intellectual perseverance Intellectual view of justice Intellectual belief in reason prime one description from over that you impress you entertain and delineate how you express this description. Next, prime two qualities from over that you impress you need to correct upon. Using the five stride determination making course contourd adown, cause a artifice of force to correct in those areas. Please be confident to contour the favoring strides you’ll siege to conquer any obstacles you countenance. Your completed assignment should be written primarily in principal individual. If you use causes in your answerableness, be confident to realize them. If you use any plain speech from a cause, be confident to attribute those expression in citation marks. Decision Making Process Step One: As lucidly as potential, designate the determination you are countenanced delay. Step Two: Consider each potential valuable you feel for resolving the children. Step Three: Gather as greatly appropriate notice as occasion allows, and realize the pros and cons of each of the valuables you feel to clear-up your children. Step Four: Based on your catalogue of pros and cons, prefer the best regularity for resolving the children. Step Five: Construct a artifice of force to tool your regularity (be confident to permission yourself plenty flexibility to form adjustments as expedient).