PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY..... THANK YOU                                                                        Objective The design of this assignment is to bring-in you to your new digital portfolio predicament that operates on the WordPress Gratified Superintendence System (CMS).                                                  Why Create a Digital Portfolio? The principal discuss you are creating a digital portfolio is to aid you showcase your operation and compressiveness to a advenient master. The portfolio predicament is for you the employee, not you the proficient, maker, or athlete. Think of it as colossus you would surrender an master to engage you to operation in the Music and Entertainment industries, or in Sports Media and Internet Marketing fields. Additional discusss you should enlarge a digital portfolio are: -To infamy yourself online -Make a big earliest impression -Demonstrate perseverance diversity -Increase your visibility -Add compute to your job applications -Keep trace of and constitute your operation -Future reference                                              Why Use WordPress? There are manifold gratified superintendence systems succorful but, to continuance, none assimilate to the dominion, flexibility, and usability of WordPress. WordPress CMS has beseem the perseverance measure in web enlargement for businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, and conceit leaders over all industries. Here are a few further discusss why we are education you to use WordPress for your digital portfolio: -Its free -Powerful correct out of the box -Flexible -Search engine friendly -Safe and secure -Customizable -Lots of support -Hosts multimedia -Mobile friendly -Integration -Easy to manage -You're not committed to one hosting provider -Schedule posts -Multi-user capability -Publish gratified after a while one-click -Universal platform                         *List revealed by Entrepreneur.com. Learn further:                                 https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241535                                                                     Resources Lynda.com Lynda.com offers distinct unintermittent tutorials to aid you get afloat using WordPress Gratified Superintendence System for your Digital Portfolio. Here is a route we extremely praise for beginners. While completing this solid route is not required for this assignment, you procure likely discover distinct video tutorials very aidful when enlargeing your WordPress predicament. WordPress Essential Training by Morten Rand-Hendriksen Sample Digital Portfolios (for inspiration!) Internet Marketing Bachelor of Science: http://imexample.dreamhosters.com/ Sports Marketing & Media Bachelor of Science: http://smexample.dreamhosters.com/ Entertainment / Music Business Bachelor of Science: http://ebexample.dreamhosters.com/ Instructions YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW BEFORE STARTING THIS ASSIGNMENT....Yes, it is that important! LOOK AT LINK BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyRjeIsX_2k   For this assignment, you procure want to: 1. Set up your WordPress predicament.  The user and password is at the deep, cafter a while on after a while earliest...... http://fsbizsite.com/richardsonjoseph/wp-login.php?loggedout=true User: blackbeastthedon pswrd: Ocala352 2. Log into your WordPress Portfolio predicament. Then discover, invest, and activate a subject established on the forthcoming criteria: Layout: Left Sidebar, Correct Sidebar Features: Custom Colors, Custom Header, Custom Menu, Subject Options 3. Create five (5) pages. These five pages should include: -Home (occurs by failure) -About -Portfolio -Resume -Blog -Contact 4. Create the ocean menu for your principal navigation bar. Without creating and publishing your Ocean Menu, your pages are not likely to answer on your predicament. And that's it! Now you are up and exoteric after a while your digital portfolio using WordPress. ****THE ASSIGNMENT IS DONE PLEASELOOK OVER IT AND MAKE CHANGES FOR I REALLY NEED AN "A" ON THIS ASSIGNMENT..........THANK YOU