Ibp Exam Question

Martin is an American, inaugurated for an American order, Hydropower, that is attempt a new device in an African dominion.Martin has been sent by his order to effect 3 biased duties: (1) to exertion delay the national legislation of the African dominion and delay the national unity that succeed be abnormal by the new hydro proposal to secure that the order gets all inevitable licenses to returns delay the device; (2) to plant an service and commission tribe to exertion in that service to appear following such matters as purchasing, staff reinforcement, customers and immigrations issues, and (3) succor strange visitors (primarily the order engineers) befit accommodated and oriented when visiting the African dominion.Martin is no alien to Africa. Following graduating from university in the USA, he joined the Peace Corps and exertioned in distinct African countries. He balmy to relinquish true mixing delay the expatriates (primarily Westerners) in these countries, and plain his own subscription of ‘Don’t entice vigilance to yourself, and overleadership all, acquire and deference the humanization. ’ Martin had been inaugurated for Hydropower in the African dominion for encircling 18 months and his American superintendent was now in the mode of deciding whether to maintain Martin in his African posture.The superintendent had some institutions encircling Martin. There were no institutions encircling Martin’s effectance. He had completed the leading grade of the hydro bud precedently the scheduled term and lower budget. The institution lay environing other matters. Firstly, although there were no written order rules encircling how expatriates speedd overseas, it was expected that they should speed in a way that mirrored a polite-off interdiplomatic order. Martin, thus-far, had relinquished subsistence delay other expatriates, choosing to speed in a average arrange African neighbourhood.The order cogitation this may be contrast a bald illustration for other expatriates. Secondly, Martin had not followed the encroachment practices of the American leadership service, but had followed national practices of employing exertioners who were known and recommended by other exertioners, chiefly parentage members. Martin recognised that providing a subsistence to friends and parentage in a dominion delay low standards of subsistence, tall unencroachment and where ‘connections’ were grave, could be a service to the order.Also, Martin was not disinclined to providing tips and liquidations to suppliers, legislation officials and customers servicers to secure exertion was effected and licenses granted in a termly sort. Furthermore, Martin had supposing a liquidation and participated in a ‘pagan’ ceremonial required by the owners of the fix whose movables was been abnormal by the new hydro proposal to ‘pacify the gods’. The rite was ‘successful’ and license to use the fix was dedicated. However, Martin’s superintendent, who was a Christian, cogitation this did not mirror polite on the copy of the American order.Martin’s superintendent must now shape a firmness encircling the advenient of Martin’s provision in Africa … Question Debate the reasons why you respect who was correct, Martin or his superintendent, encircling the controversial actions Martin took in the African action. Also debate what might feel been the results if Martin has not fascinated the actions picturesque. (33 marks) Question 2 Identify and debate the most grave careless challenges a order may feel to investigate when planting a concern in another dominion. 33 marks) Question 3 List and debate the factors that shape the pricing of movables for the interdiplomatic communicate more intricate than the domiciliary communicate. (33 marks) Question 4 Debate the reasons and motives a order would feel in planting collaborative agreements for their overseas actions. (33 marks) Question 5 Debate how changes in technology, global institutions and interdiplomatic dealing and cannonade policies feel broad the globalization of communicates and formation. (33 marks)