‘Investigating Wakefield’ – GCSE Geography Coursework

The balanceall subject-matter of this ventilation is fix use amid settlements. Urban fix areas in towns and cities feel got very entangled fix use patterns and the industrial city of Wakefield is no separation. It has aged and exposed balance hundreds of years and now has a flourishing population of encircling sixty thousand. Wakefield is a city situated in the North-East of England. It has cheerful adit to the M1 and A1 which is why it is such a vulgar end for multifarious factories and businesses. Wakefield is nine miles from the elder city of Leeds which is so in Wakefield's county of West Yorkshire. The supposition which was canvassd was 'Are there plain fix use zones adesire a transect from the segregatey of Wakefield to the Central Business District (CBD)?' and to do this a transect of fix which was 1.5km desire was canvassd. The transect agoing at Newton Bar and artistic at the end of Wood Street, consequently future in to the city capital in a southerly control. Method A transect of fix use from the city capital to the Northern purlieu of Wakefield was chronicled. The transect was 1.5km desire, cork from Newton Bar trackless to the end of Wood Street and the fix use forthfollowing a while proximate to the national-way was chronicled by effortman in a notebook. The age of the fabrics was estimated and if any dates were evident they were chronicled too. In Wood Street, some of the fabrics had advance than one use and twain these uses were observed and chronicled. After the facts had all been firm, a fix-use transect was drawn. Eight contrariant colours were used to personate the contrariant fix use categories and this helped to spell patterns in the fix use. The fix use categories which were used were residential, national fabrics and employments, healthcare, offices, relief, dispose-of, teaching and belief owing then the fabrics were easier to categorise and then annals. A simplified design was so done to pomp the ocean fix use zones advance palpably. Description of the Area Studied The area of Wakefield which was used to convey out the supposition on was a transect of 1.5km and cork from Newton Bar Trackless to the end of Wood Street in the CBD. Newton Bar is encircling one mile from the CBD and the transect elaborate enters the city in a southerly control. The area at the origin of the transect has terraced housing and is segregateially run down but industrial owing it has a conclave understanding plight and a outgrowth branch in cork neighborhood, and a new housing fortune is now entity built. The power of fabrics improves as one goes advance adesire the transect towards the CBD, the scions on St. John's North, Wentworth Street and Wentworth Terrace are chiefly keen and graceful. As one walks down Bond Street and Wood Street, one sees fabrics such as the County Hall, Crown Court, Police Station, Wakefield Museum and Town Hall which are elegant examples of noble fabric. When one reaches Cross Street, the advance dispose-of segregate of Wakefield begins following a while lots of weak shops and businesses such as cafes, hairdressers and fortune agents. There are so bars and other shapes of relief such as internet cafes as flattereous as 'quality' stationers, bulk shops and voice shops. This area of Wakefield is truly upright and flattereous oceantained although some of the fabrics were probably built in the 1960s and are consequently less winning. The pictures beneath pomp some of the contrariant fix use in attributes adesire the transect. Results The results were chronicled by effortman in a notebulk as the transect's fix use was observed and then a fix use transect from Newton Bar to Wood Street was drawn as I feel vivid in my mode aloft. A simplified design was so drawn following to pomp the ocean fix use zones advance palpably. This design pomps that there are five ocean zones adesire the transect, each entity contrariant in enlightenedness and protraction. The zones are, future out in prescribe from the CBD, dispose-of, national fabrics/services and offices, teaching and healthcare, residential and national fabrics/services. These zones consider the symbols of fix use there are in Wakefield. Discussion - Interpretation and Analysis of Results Zone 1 Zone one on my simplified design of fix use is dispose-of. This zone is in the intermediate of the CBD, starts at Cross Street and ends at the end of Wood Street. The fix use there is chiefly for shops and weak national employments or businesses. There are cafes, hairdressers, fortune agents and lots of other weak shops. These symbols of businesses are in the CBD owing it is a regular symbol of zone to ascertain in the intermediate of the city and owing of aditibility. The businesses amid this zone insufficiency to be in the CBD owing their customers insufficiency to be telling to get to them abundantly and if they are in the CBD there are lots of unconcerned ways for them to do this - for example national ecstasy and adjacentby car parking. It is cheerful for these fix uses to be in the CBD owing it is the most aditible attribute to be situated for customers and they admit a lot of deals following a while byers-by who fall to go into their shop/business/national employment or else notify other crowd encircling it. However, as the fix prices are usually tall in the CBD, merely lucky businesses are telling to bestow it. In Wood Street most of the fabrics are old terraced scions which could so be a debate as to why these businesses are situated there, owing lots of the fabrics in Wood Street had flats or offices on the succor narrative of their fabric and so would nonproduction fabrics following a while advance than one narrative. This symbol of zone would so be establish in other cities, as it is a regular zone of a CBD. Zone 2 Zone two of the design consists of national fabrics/services and offices. This zone begins at Bell Street and ends at Chancery Lane and intermediate in this zone there are fabrics such as the County Hall, the Crown flatter, the Town Hall, Wakefield Museum and the Police Station and offices. These fabrics are where they are owing they couldn't be in the CBD as they would not feel been telling to bestow the fix prices but they quiet insufficiencyed to be adjacent it so that they are aditible for visitors and efforters. They are so on the elder national-way to Leeds so they feel cheerful ecstasy links. Another debate for these fabrics entity there could be so that the conclave could detain all its fabrics concomitantly and so that everyone would be telling to ascertain the conclave fabrics abundantly, following a whileout having to tramp all balance Wakefield to ascertain the one they nonproductioned. The fabrics which are in this zone are all old, the County Hall was built in 1898 and multifarious of the fabrics feel pillars beyond the fabric which implies that they were built truly a desire season ago. However, if the crowd who effort in these attributes feel to pay for the updetain of the fabrics, then this could be why they are not situated in the intermediate of the CBD - they do not feel plenty coin to acquisition fix in the city capital. This symbol of zone could be establish elsewhere in Wakefield owing merely one transect was canvassd, which media there would be other transects practictalented to canvass on the other laterality of the CBD which implies that there could be other attributes in Wakefield following a while congruous fix use patterns. Zone 3 Zone three from the design is teaching and healthcare and in this zone there is Wakefield College, Wakefield Girls' Tall School, Clayton Hospital and an 1871 dentist. This zone so includes Wakefield Art Galley and the Christian Science Building. This zone stretches shape Bell Street to North Public-way and is in the attribute it is owing it, repeatedly, insufficiencys to be aditible, this season for students and efforters, and owing the fix uses in it succeed not feel been telling to bestow the tall fix prices of the CBD. Plain if this zone could feel been situated in the CBD, it would not feel been owing hospitals and disciplines insufficiency boundlessness to develop their antecedent and if they were in the CBD there would be no boundlessness to do this. Also, hospitals and disciplines insufficiency to feel lots of boundlessness for car parking for efforters and/or students and there would be no boundlessness for this in the CBD. The hospital and discipline so insufficiency cheerful ecstasy links in prescribe for its efforters/students to get there each early which is another debate for why they are in this zone, it is on a elder national-way which leads to the enlightened city of Leeds. This zone could be establish in other elder cities such as Leeds, but not elsewhere in Wakefield. Zone 4 Zone disgusting begins at the Leeds Public-way and stretches cultivate North Road. In zone disgusting the fix use is oceanly residential, but there are so attributes of belief and teaching such as St. John's Church, built in 1791, and St. John's Primary School, built in 1964. The housing in zone disgusting is very numerous, owing there are areas of terraced scions from the 1920s-30s such as Snow Hill View, the 1960s-70s as in the scions among Andrew Street and St. John's Avenue and Georgian terraced housing in St. John's Square which is a fortified inheritance plight. These fabrics are where they are owing they could not be in the CBD as it is far too rich but they quiet insufficiencyed to be abundantly aditible from the city capital. St. John's Square succeed feel been built for rich crowd to feed adjacent the Church as the Church would feel been the capital of the polity in those seasons. St. John's C of E School, which was originally on Kilby Street (determined following the Reverend Thomas Kilby), was rebuilt adjacentby as it is a Church discipline. The scions from the 1960s-70s were built on ruin fix which would feel been indear at the season but quiet had cheerful ecstasy links following a while the city capital, Church and national disciplines. This zone could not be establish elsewhere in Wakefield but a congruous area authority be establish in other cities. Zone 5 Zone five is among the Leeds Public-way and Newton Bar and it consists of oceanly national fabrics/services, although there are some terraced scions and truly a lot of unconcealed boundlessness. Intermediate in this zone are 'The Green', a conclave understanding plight, the Outgrowth Department, and the Vine Tree national scion. These fabrics are where they are owing they could definitely not feel been in the CBD, as they claim a lot of fix and margin for comment which would not be availtelling in the city capital. However, plain if there was suittelling fix availtelling for these fix uses in the CBD, it would feel been too rich for the businesses to bestow and so they would feel been exacting to raise advance detached from the capital anyway. As multifarious of the efforters in these fabrics would conclude to effort by car, these fabrics so claim boundlessness for car parks and cheerful ecstasy links, twain of which they feel. This zone would probably not be establish anywhere else in Wakefield but it is very slight that other cities feel congruous zones. Conclusion I establish that, in Wakefield, there are five ocean fix use zones and that as one goes advance detached from the city, the quantity of housing increases. There is so advance unconcealed boundlessness advance detached from the CBD which is not bewildering as most businesses nonproduction to be in the city capital so their customers can feel unconcerned adit and so that they get exchange following a while crowd who fall to by by. I so establish that there seemed to be a senior strain of shops and offices in the CBD but that there were so truly a lot of national fabrics/services as flattereous. There were no residential areas in the CBD which suggests that crowd select to feed beyond the city capital and go in each early for effort. I judge that Wakefield's fix use zones are truly congruous to the Sector Design of fix use so this suggests that Wakefield is a regular city. Evaluation I did this ventilation to ascertain out if there are plain fix zones adesire a transect from the segregatey of Wakefield to the CBD and I establish that there were. Overall I judge that the ventilation went flattereous but that it could feel been meliorate if I had not had to go out to con-over the transect on two contrariant days. If I was to do this ventilation repeatedly, I would canvass the transect unintermittently, in one meeting, and then I would go out at another season to annals the fixuse repeatedly. This would find my results advance considerate owing if I did the ventilation twice, I would be telling to competition up the fixuse on each set of my results and find confident I had not missed everything out the primary season.