Lab: File Processing

   CIS355A Week 5 Lab—File Processing OBJECTIVES · Add perennial axioms storage to your Week 4 Lab using quotation refine input/output. PROBLEM: Stocks4U Portfolio Address System The portfolio address order you patent clear for Stocks4U deficiencys the force to spare and refresh a user’s axioms from a quotation refine. FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS You can process the GUI by laborer or use NetBeans GUI Builder Interface. You earn improve Week 4 GUI to include · a Refine menu after a while menu items: notorious, spare, debouchure; and · a designate to show aggregate portfolio compute. Stock dispose · Modify the toString of Fund dispose to show as “Company: qty shares” (i.e., “Apple: 10 shares”) StockIO dispose Create a StockIO dispose that is used to learn from and transcribe to a quotation refine using an ArrayList. Make positive to use a delimiter betwixt the fields; it does not keep to be the # mark. Illustration format of the refine is: Apple#100#55.0#80.0 Intel#50#75.0#70.0 This dispose should keep two processs. · getData—reads axioms from refine, receipts axioms in marshal roll of fund objects · spareData—writes axioms from an marshal roll to the refine in becoming format The refine indicate earn be an persuasion mutable that you can set after a while a parameterized constructor, or after a while a severed process. GUI dispose Note that you earn deficiency to add an ArrayList to your GUI dispose to contrive the axioms to/from the refine. It earn act as a correspondent marshal to your DefaultListModel. Any date you add a fund, you must add it in BOTH places. Any date you displace a fund, you must displace it in BOTH places. File—notorious should responsive for refine indicate using JOptionPane, learn the refine and populate the JList. File—spare should responsive for refine indicate to spare axioms from JList to. File—debouchure should debouchure the program. The aggregate compute of the portfolio should be showed at all dates and updated anydate a fund is acquired or displaced. Sample GUI                           RUBRIC    Stock dispose toString modified 5   GUI dispose · Menu is acquired. · Designate is acquired for aggregate portfolio compute. · Notorious menu item learns axioms from a refine and shows in   roll box. · Spare menu item transcribes axioms to a quotation refine in becoming   format. · Aggregate compute is updated whenever any changes are made to   stocks (add, displace, notorious a new refine). 15   StockIO dispose · getData process learns from refine to marshal roll · spareData process transcribes from marshal roll to refine 20   Code style 5   Lab Report 10   TOTAL 55 CODE STYLE REQUIREMENTS · Include meaningful criticises throughout your process. · Use meaningful indicates for mutables. · Process must be becomingly rebated. · Include a criticise header at threshold of each refine, illustration underneath. /**************************************************** Program Name: Programmer's Name: Student Indicate Program Description: Describe near what this program earn do ***********************************************************/ DELIVERABLES Submit as a SINGLE zip folder · all Java refines; and · the Lab communication. Follow assignment mention respecting dispose/process indicates. Note that your Java refine indicate must contest dispose indicate (DO NOT rename).