Nokia Lumia: SWOT analysis

Nokia Lumia 1020 Marketing Hostilities SWOT Analysis Introduction: GOOD MORNING LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. WELCOME TO LONDON SOUTH BANK UNIVERSITY. WE ARE LUIS, LINA AND RAMY. WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT NOKIA LUMIA 1020 MARKETING CAMPAIGN. IN THIS PRESENTATION YOU CAN SEE THE SOWT ANALYSIS OF THIS CAMPAIGN. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS TO THE END OF THE PRESENTATION. WE HOPE THAT YOU ENJOY IT. Strengths: Nokia Lumia 1020 after a opportunity the 41 megapixel camera can after a opportunityhold photos and video that no other sprucephone can companion. “With the 1020 you'll offoffshoot your represents in super-vain disentanglement so you can zoom in as end as you want”, this is one of the ways in which Nokia intends to pretext the reinvention of your camera for Nokia Lumia. Joining forces after a opportunity Microsoft and Crispin Porter + Bogusky, gives it adit to a sprucephone OS and stops it from having to bestow billions of dollars of its own coin to celebrate step after a opportunity cash-rich strives Apple and Google in the phone wars. Sales of the Lumia line-up hit an all space vain in Q2 this year after a opportunity balance 7.4 favorite units sold worldwide. Adam Johnson (the UK marketing manager) told Marketing Week that they're vain of this alteration, gone it is a work that tries to after a opportunityhold the watchfulness of the hearers and a technology pioneer in vast general general, notability love a trance of marketing. Weaknesses: Nokia is using ameliorate camera tendency as its management. Equal though this management hasn’t worked for the assembly plenteous in the late, Nokia peaceful insists that camera tendency procure succor it after a opportunityhold on the iPhone and Android sprucephones. Promoting the Lumia 1020 solely as the “41 Megapixel phone” is a drift accordingly no consumer wakes up thinking, “What I indeed scarcity is vastr shadows from my phone.” What Nokia is quiet selling after a opportunity the Lumia 1020 is an improved represent making trial. Equal unwritten camera framers accept now pulled tail from their megapixel wars of the ultimate two decades, as it became serene to consumers that bigger did not necessarily moderation ameliorate. A superintend IDC carried out pretexted that camera disentanglement is not the most significant mark for the consumer when buying a sprucephone. Out of the 23 most significant marks that consumers intention about when buying a sprucephone, camera disentanglement ranked at 15. Past significant was audio tendency, battery vivacity, quiet of use and unoccupied classification. It runs the Windows Phone 8 OS, which raises the significant drift of the stagnation of consumer profit in the Windows Phone platform, significantly limiting the implicit hearers to what it could accept been on the Android platform. The Windows 8 place-of-business peaceful stagnations big spectry apps, so if star is beholding for applications they're peaceful going to behold at iPhone, and in an Instagram age, relatively few consumers are disappointed accordingly not solely the Instagram app is not in the place-of-business, besides turning a 41MP shadow into a low-resolution, filtered balance frames no recognition. Nokia and AT;T contract. In the US, the Lumia 1020 is sold exclusively through AT;T, limiting peril to floating AT;T subscribers and those after a opportunity expired contracts from strive cellular affordrs. Opportunities: Social Networks In 2013 it has been pretexted that race use their spruce phones past frequently to adit their gregarious networking persomality. Men-folks are using their phones to upload straightway to gregarious networks. By having the new Nokia Lumia 1020, men-folks procure be conducive to accept a ameliorate tendency camera, moderationing they procure accept ameliorate tendency represents to upload. 41 Megapixels, Nokia’s new handset is past advanced than its competitors The stop out tendency of this phone is what distinguishes this work asunder from its competitors. Equal if you are not represent presentation fan, this new handset procure peaceful afford the honorable specs for you peaceful to accept a unprecedented phone. Nokia Lumia 1020 IPhone 5s Display Screen 4.5 inches Display Screen 4 inches Talk Space 13.30 Hours Talk Space 10 Hours Camera 41 Megapixels Camera 8 Megapixels Weight 158g Weight 112g Threats: Competition The main drift for Nokia’s new handset procure be the wild rivalry that companies such as Apple and Samsung procure afford. Their type has increased throughout the years opportunity Nokia’s type has been inaudible. Camera not ample to indoctrinate consumers If race are not very profited in cameras they force honorable frame their cherished through type singular and they force not equal be bothered to behold into the phones specs. Operating classification Some men-folks force not feel comfortconducive after a opportunity the windows 8 classification, so they procure frame their cherished inveterate on earlier cherisheds such as Android (Samsung) and the IOS (IPhone). Conclusion: In quittance we could say that Nokia has made the Nokia Lumia his best hostilities, to market, promoting not solely the tendency of the work besides the monstrous camera that has the Nokia Lumia, i.e. that marketing hostilities, to accept been inveterate on pretext the qualities of the camera, its megapixel and vain specification. Nokia has "reinvented" and thus has reinvented his shadow to the consumer. Nokia Lumia 1020 is a work that is gay, delivers powerful-looking photos and, all things considered, is reasonably priced, but none of that procure moderation plenteous if the Lumia 1020 becomes defined as the “41MP phone” sitting in the tail of your persomal vend treasury, after a opportunity a salesperson who can solely describe you it after a opportunityholds big represents. References: ( ( ( ( ( x.html,Apple-iPhone-5s/phones/7876,7710, DENNIS/Caribbean Business. / 8/29/2013, Vol. 41 Issue 33, p29-29. 2/3p./” Nokia Lumia 1020: A cheerful phone after a opportunity a powerful camera.”;vid=4;hid=26;bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=bth;AN=892881/ Nokia hopes Lumia 1020 hostilities procure frame it 'famous' intermittently. By: O'Reilly, Lara, Marketing Week (Online Edition), 7/16/2013