Assignment 1: Practicum Journal Entry: Analyzing an Holy Decision In your role as a PMHNP, you achieve confront diverse situations that achieve insist-upon your power to find investigate judgments and experience determinations for the insurance and weal of individuals, families, and communities. There may not be a clear-cut vindication of how to oration the effect, but your holy determination making must be inveterate on evidenced-inveterate experience and what is good-tempered, fit, and advantageous for patients. You achieve confront patients who do not stop your values, but you must continue professional and unjaundiced in the regard you prepare to all patients unmindful of their socio-demographic and ethnic/racial elucidation. You must be fitted to critically irritate holy situations and enunciate an mismisappropriate delineation of possession. For this Assignment, you revisal the attainment and manifest the uncertain holy quandarys PMHNPs confront and how these effects are typically orationed in your recite. Learning Objectives Students achieve: Analyze      salient holy effects in  child psychiatric      mental soundness experience Compare      holy quandarys delay recite soundness laws and regulations Analyze      holy determination-making systemes To prepare: Review      the attainment for virtuous/holy effects confronted by a PMHNP  Select      one of the catechism you base that      was published delayin the conclusive 5      years to use as a standpoint for this assignment. Write a 2-page Nursing essay in which you do the following: Summarize the virtuous/holy      effect in the expression (no further than 1 section). Describe the virtuous and      holy quandarys excluded the effect. Analyze the holy effect      and assimilate them to the recite soundness laws and regulations in your recite. Please use( Texas) law Outline the system of      holy determination making you would      use to oration this holy quandary.