resort managment quiz

            Various administrative tours bear                a licensing fee which prohibits generally-known recourses from participating in their trafficing efforts            led to a discard in the sports tourism portion of the toil            provided an turn to procure big peril for the recourse and its facilities            a generally-known rendezvous when enhancement up their tours          Flag this Question   Question 2  1 pts                   A new diverge in recourses is                a abatement in the scarcity for “rest and relaxation” recourses            outsourcing all but customer usurpation jobs            selling off rooms as space distribute investments            “new expertnesss” recourses which arrange information for customers to attain a new expertness          Flag this Question   Question 3  1 pts                   Physical seasonality factors which collision tourism do NOT understand                daylight            rainfall            religion            temperature          Flag this Question   Question 4  1 pts                   Companies go through five stages of oppidan collective obligation. These stages are                defensive, amiable, managerial, oppidan, and strategic            defensive, amiable, managerial, oppidan, and obliging            defensive, ductility, managerial, strategic, and obliging            defensive, ductility, managerial, strategic, and amiable          Flag this Question   Question 5  1 pts                   There are three levels of collective governance. These levels are                national, regional, and generally-known            national, narrate, and generally-known            international, generally-known, and narrate            international, generally-known, and generally-known          Flag this Question   Question 6  1 pts                   Which of the subjoined is NOT a fitness of happy traffic portionation?                Exploitable             Flexible            Durable            Competitive          Flag this Question   Question 7  1 pts                   There is unimportant overlap in the areas of governance among generally-known, narrate, and generally-known officials.                True            False          Flag this Question   Question 8  1 pts                   When a recourse has unclouded appellation and independent ownership of its  land, it is no longer unpopular in its product by manifold  government laws and regulations.                True            False          Flag this Question   Question 9  1 pts                   Resorts can be used as new agents of transmute and submit usurpation, bud, and reliance when                they are located on notorious plant affect generally-known parks            the generally-known residents enthusiastically aid the recourse            government policies and financing has aided recourse product            there is plenty capitalization at the rouse of the product          Flag this Question   Question 10  1 pts                   Differential pricing is a spiritless manoeuvre which applies the economic rules of provide and call-for.                True            False