Workshop Planning: Fostering Motivation Through Culturally Responsive Practices

  To plan for this Assignment, revisal culturally correspondent information practices in the media in this plan and/or from your own knowledge searches. Revisal module media for key conceptual findings environing the relation betwixt motivational plea and culturally correspondent information practices. Analyze innovative knowledge projects descriptive in the media in this module through the lenses of motivation plea and culturally correspondent practices. Assignment: You own been asked to enlarge and give a workshop congress at a negotiative dissequence nature held at a national university. The material of your congress is to explain the relation betwixt culturally correspondent information practices and motivational plea. You flow that your congress conquer understand the aftercited components: Three culturally correspondent practices that unconditionally application motivation. How innovative knowledge initiatives can curtail culturally established barriers and assistance motivation to attain after a while examples of knowledge initiatives from the media media in the vulgar plan you are gate for your postgraduate mark. Guiding principles that address the culturally correspondent needs of your structure and determine culturally correspondent, motivational knowledge in the information tenor you tend or prospect to tend. Use and name media from the plan you are vulgarly gate as courteous as those from your own lection. You must present a workshop proposition to your negotiative structure that incorporates the bulleted components overhead. For this Assignment, total the workshop plans using the document: Fostering Motivation Through Culturally Correspondent Practices: Workshop Outline.