Data Analysis and Visualization

   Question 1: Discussion (2 Paragraphs) Composition deals delay the overall readability and aim of the purpose.  As famous by Kirk (2016), the question of compound is separated into purpose-level and chart-level compound. Honorable one content of either purpose compound or chart compound and debate. Question 2:  Background: According to Kirk (2016), typography get possess a weighty role in your visualizations. You must be considerate delay your passage, but you must to-boot be restless delay how the passage looks. This then leads to tinge and negotiative similitude. You must produce the counterpoise of tinges in your visualizations (Kirk, 2016).  The similitude of tinges you honorable during intent get application abundant aspects of the overall visualization. Assignment: Write a elaboration brochure that comprises the forthcoming: · Debate Typography and the consequence of likeness of passage · Debate the forthcoming tinge harmonies: (Usage, Pros, and Cons) · Complementary tinges · Analogous tinges · Triadic tinges Your elaboration brochure should be  APA format delay 3 pages (800 signals)  double-spaced  Have at last 4 APA references  Typed in an easy-to-read font in MS Signal (other signal processors are honorable to use but obviate it in MS Signal format). Your cover page should comprise the forthcoming: Title, Student’s call, University’s call, Course call, Course number, Professor’s call, and Date.