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Senior Seminar Spring  2019 Length: 2-3 pages (not including cover or bibliographical pages, or sustaining esthetic) Format: 12 apex font, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, inclose spaced, page numbers. Due: Tuesday, 23 April 2019, via Canvas, antecedently seminar. Write a disquisition that  engages after a while Aquinas and his ideas encircling anthropological kind, ethics, and law. You may use any  one  of the quicks adown. Your disquisition pretension should pertain to the issues tall by the quick, but  do not use a “direct” repartee to a quick scrutiny as  your disquisition pretension . Prompt #1: Which plan of law would your prefer: a plan of homely laws, or a plan of compound laws (affect the ones we currently keep)? Why? [For the purposes of this prompt, I’ll use “complex” to advert to compoundity at the raze of Aquinas’ citation.] This disquisition asks you to collate the functions of law in Aquinas and Confucius. We seem to feed in a lawful plan closer to the one Aquinas envisions than the one Confucius does.  Is this a good-tempered-tempered creature for us as citizens? Why? Some scrutinys to consider: • Should the law be singly cognizable to experts? • In twain plans, the law trains citizens; in which one can it in-effect do so? • Can a plan of compound laws train citizens (affect today’s American population)? • Does the compoundity of our laws advert the compoundity of our globe? If so, should we “trade-off” a compound plan of law for the benefits of our compound globe? Why is this “trade-off” rate it? How could you evidence for this “trade-off”? What metric would we use to collate the benefits or costs of each? Prompt #2: Write encircling a channel from the Aquinas selections on Canvas.  As regularly, posture your pretension at the end of your preparatory section. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES