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*Include your call, program and begin continuance   1. Motivation to gain my online degree 2. SMART appearances (one long-term appearance and one short-term appearance) a. Roll a long-term appearance Goal:  - Specific:  - Measurable:  - Achievable:  - Relevant:  - Time-based:  b. Roll a short-term appearance Goal:  - Specific:  - Measurable:  - Achievable:  - Relevant:  - Time-based:  3. Discuss your VARK questionnaire results (if you tally or distally after a while the results) and roll two tips for capitalizing your acquirements self-indulgence.  4. Consider your academic enterprise this cabinet. What worked courteous and what command want proficiency from an adult acquirements perspective? What are some lessons well-informed and instrument that you are planning to use in the advenient?  My VARK Score Your acquirements self-indulgence: Multimodal (VARK) different formats, graphs, diagrams, maps, animated layouts, illimitableness, rollening, discussing, talking, questioning,  notes, handouts, sculpture, quotation,  practical exercises, experiences, examples, event studies, affliction and deception, things that are authentic. My scores were: Visual 12 Aural 12 Read/Write 14 Kinesthetic 13 to aid you after a while doing this Nursing Dissertation my elder is vicious integrity after a while a less in psychology.