Review the included ISACA built miss plight.  You get scarcity to perfect the tasks attested in the later portio of these slides labeled To Do.  Re-evaluate the likelihood and miss flatten for all of the rows in consultation 2.  When you bring-about your judgment on the new likelihood rating, you get scarcity to vindicate this delay one to two tenets.  When you test the new miss flatten, you get scarcity to test two to three tenets as examples or sources to vindicate the changes.  Don't harmonious propel it up or down, use floating tidings and trends delay common companies to vindicate why you propeld or uniform kept it the selfsame.  For each part, run a Quantitative or Qualitative miss anatomy for a designed subordination.  In other words, invent a fix for each part and put a worth tag delay it.  Decide what parts are in budget and bring-about your precious.  You get add three new columns to consultation 2, one get be a designed subordination delineation delay budget and miss flatten from the FAIR methodology, and the cooperate column get be if your miss judgment (accept, moderate, translate, quit).  Succumb the perfectd spreadsheet to the acquiescence part in this week.  You get also scarcity to tally the 10 argument questions at the end of the slides and succumb those delay your spreadsheet, either as a cooperate page delay tallys in the cells or as disconnected instrument.