Examine How Shakespeare Presents the Character of Friar Lawrence ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Examine how Shakespeare presents the capacity of Friar Lawrence ‘Romeo and Juliet’ In ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Shakespeare presents Friar Lawrence in frequent ways, such as, a sacred man, a tender answerance but to-boot as a poltroon. Friar Lawrence is a key deed of lot natant the dramatize; he has cheerful-natured-tempered-natured-natured intentions but ends up accessory lot to invent adversity. In the foremost exhibition the parley see Friar Lawrence in; he is presented as life extremely familiarityable. The parley see him muster artfulnessts and herbs and demonstrates his familiarity by dictum ‘For this life consolidate, after a while that deal-out cheers each deal-out cheers each deal-out life tasted, arrives all senses after a while the feeling. ’ This continuity portrays the notion that each recover for an disorder can to-boot be destructive if fascinated in the evil-doing way. This demonstrates his familiarity of artfulnessts, herbs and salve. As courteous as this the Nurse enters one exhibition and praises Friar Lawrence for his ‘good-natured council’ by dictum ‘O, what tuition is! ’ This emphasises the Friar’s familiarity and shows that other capacitys survey him as intelligent. Secondly Shakespeare presents Friar Lawrence as not barely life a sacred man but as life conscious of the earth or ‘terrestrial understanded. ’ This is proven at frequent points throughout the dramatize such as when Romeo ends to Friar Lawrence’s cell and the Friar can recount that Romeo hasn’t been to drowse owing he has been after a while a lass. This is artistic in the continuity ‘Our Romeo hath not been to bed tonight. ’ As courteous as this Friar Lawrence comments on how straightway Romeo falls in charity after a while one lass to the contiguous by dictum ‘Young men’s charity then lies not in-truth in their feelings but in their eyes. This demonstrates that Friar Lawrence is conscious that not all charity is penny. Furthermore, Friar Lawrence agrees to espouse Romeo and Juliet so hastily to secure that they do not keep sex anteriorly wedlock. This is proven in the continuitys ‘We shall fabricate blunt toil for by leaves, you shall not arrive remaining, tend sacred habitation thicken two in one. ’ This anew emphasises how ‘terrestrial understanded’ Friar Lawrence is as he realises that youthful community do keep sex anteriorly wedlock and do not constantly fret encircling belief and what creed has to say encircling their actions. Throughout the dramatize Shakespeare to-boot presents Friar Lawrence as life a councillor and tender answerance towards Romeo. This aspect is portrayed in frequent exhibitions and is proved in continuitys such as ‘That’s my cheerful-natured-tempered-natured-natured son’ where Friar Lawrence is addressing Romeo as if he is his son. This is to-boot artistic in the continuity ‘wisely and inactive they mistake that run fast’. This shows that Friar Lawrence is vision Romeo gain-ground up and fabricate mistakes so that he can understand from them; this is triton a senior would usually say encircling their own child. As courteous as this the foremost occasion Romeo greets Friar Lawrence Romeo uses the message ‘father’ which proves to the parley that he perceives Friar Lawrence as a tender answerance. Friar Lawrence answers to be someone that Romeo can go to, to investigate teaching and control rather than weighty to his senior. This highlights that in preferable dispose families the similarity among parents and offspring is perhaps not as hearty as it is in inferior dispose families. As courteous as having all of these capacityistics Shakespeare to-boot presents Friar Lawrence as life a respected man natant other capacitys. We see this in the latest exhibition where the prince asks Friar Lawrence for his statement of smoothts, the continuity that proves this is ‘Then say at once what thou dost apprehend in this’. This illustrates to the parley that the Prince compliments and values Friar Lawrence’s survey and view on smoothts that keep supervenered. However smooth though Friar Lawrence is presented as having lots of independent capacityistics he to-boot possesses some privative ones, such as life subordinately unbound. Examples of his unboundness supervene irrelative occasions throughout the dramatize, the foremost issue life when he foremost agrees to espouse Romeo and Juliet by dictum ‘I’ll thy benefit be’. This is an unbound invention to do owing Friar Lawrence apprehends that he does not keep either parents acquiesce, he to-boot apprehends that Romeo and Juliet barely met the mystification anteriorly and hence, may not be in-truth in charity. Another issue of Friar Lawrence life presented as unbound is when he agrees to fulfil a bigamous wedlock among Juliet and Paris, he recounts Juliet to ‘Give acquiesce to espouse Paris’. This shows he is unbound owing bigamous wedlocks are unfair and he is a parson so is supposed to dwell by the law. Furthermore, the artfulness Friar Lawrence ends up after a while to succor Romeo and Juliet be unitedly is not sentiment through amply and is generally unbound. This is proved in the continuitys ‘I’ll bestow a Friar after a while despatch to Mantua, after a while my letters to thy lord’, this is not sentiment through amply as how obtain the Friar that is sent apprehend where Romeo is in Mantua and how obtain Friar Lawrence apprehend that Romeo has current the letters in occasion. The gross artfulness that Friar Lawrence ends up after a while is unbound as he is giving a 13 or 14 year old lass a ‘remedy’ that obtain confer her no pulse and fabricate her answer deceased, which could be theoretically intrepid. Finally, at the end of the dramatize we see Friar Lawrence life presented as behaving entirely poltroonly, which is a dissimilarity to what we see throughout the dramatize when he risks his reputation by accessory Romeo and Juliet to separately espouse. We see token of this when the Prince and his guards round up in the latest exhibition of the dramatize and Friar Lawrence says ‘Come go, cheerful-natured-tempered-natured-natured Juliet, I aspect no longer arrive’. This is poltrobarely behaviour owing he is obtaining to end up after a while a artfulness but then does not failure to aspect up to the consequences of it. Friar Lawrence is presented in frequent irrelative ways throughout the dramatize by Shakespeare. It is manifest that in Friar Lawrence’s initiation exhibitions his more independent capacityistics are presented to the parley, such as how familiarityable, earthly understanded, tender and respected he is. Whereas towards the end of the dramatize the parley begins to see how unbound and poltrobarely Friar Lawrence can be. Despite his insignificant total of privative capacityistics it is conspicuous to the parley that Friar Lawrence’s intentions are cheerful-natured-tempered-natured-natured but owing lot had everyinvention mapped out adversity supervenered and there was noinvention any of the capacitys could do to plug it.