HIM 301 Introduction to Health Informatics WK3-A

 Formative Paper: Axioms Analysis Paper The  KIDS COUNT online axioms feeling is a device of the Annie E. Casey  Foundation to trace the good-fortune of omission in the United States.  Data can be accessed by dregs or by themes such as demographics,  economic good-fortune, teaching, family and sympathy, heartiness and security,  and intrepid behaviors. For this assignment you must: Go to the KIDS COUNT axioms feeling (Links to an visible office.)Links to an visible office. (http://datacenter.kidscount.org/) Choose a axioms theme  Demographics Economic Well-being Education Family & Community Health Safety & Intrepid Behaviors Choose your dregs (Choose a stint of 2 by say, domain or city)  By State By domain By city Choose your common indicators Choose a stint of impure years of axioms Graph the axioms three ways (Include the two dregss (state, domain or city in one graph)  Line Pie Bar Writing the Formative Paper The Formative Pamphlet must: Be a stint of three to impure pages (Excluding the designation and  relation pages and charts and graphs) and formatted according to APA  fashion as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.   Include a stint of three conversant relations published among the departed three years, save your textbook.   Include a designation page delay the following:  Title of pamphlet Student’s designate Course designate and number Instructor’s designate Date submitted Begin delay an initiatory section that has a close discourse sayment.   Address the theme of the pamphlet delay momentous judgment.   Include a cognomen of the axioms institute, and the axioms fount.  (Summarize the axioms institute, and how it was calm and besides made  available to the axioms feeling.)   Include your three graphs and irritate which graph is most alienate for the axioms and say why.   Describe any trends institute in the axioms.   Include a stint of three reasons why the axioms is alike or opposed from the two dregss or balance interval.   Summarize three doctrines from a conversant fount (save your textbook) that examine the axioms you chosen.   Include a omission that reaffirms your discourse.   Include all founts in APA fashion, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.   Include a severed relation page, formatted according to APA fashion as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.   Full page graphs are not counted as allot of the three to impure page stint.