HUM101: World Religion and Cultures week 9

  ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION What are the three main variants of modern-day Christianity? What eminent them from each other? Describe the accessible declaration of Christianity; how does Christianity rehearse to Judaism or Islam?  Is there some feature concession or action of Christianity that interests you? _____________________________________________ Respond to one of the assignment questions columned overhead succeeding a while no fewer than 350 opinion. To aid your tally you are required to arrange at last one aiding relation succeeding a while befitting extract. Your tally accomplish be revisaled by Unicheck, the plagiarism instrument synced to Canvas. Unicheck accomplish present a co-ordination reverberation a few minutes succeeding you column your assignment. If the co-ordination apostacy is overhead 30%, fascinate redo and represent your assignment succeeding you select the sources befittingly to shun plagiarism.  Please revisal the PowerPoint slides explaining how to shun plagiarism and column your assignment suitably. Even a only plagiarized proposition accomplish not be tolerated.  APA communication format is required.  Christianity Video Review