Human Growth and Development Discussions

Please decipher assignment carefully you must use quotation tome determined Chapter 3. Solution is for a discourse must be 200-400 say    Topic: Diction Acquisition There are two superior hypothetical perspectives of diction crop, as delineated in Chapter 3 (see individuality on Biological and Environmental Influences). 1) Chomsky's "nativist" perspective 2) the behavioral "learning" perspective You sway ascertain it helpful to strive additional knowledge environing these perspectives antecedently posting your solution.  1. USING AN EXAMPLE, and IN YOUR OWN WORDS, little delineate each of these two perspectives. HOW do we collect diction according to each of these perspectives?  2. Which of these perspectives best expounds how result sway “make up” say relish “swimmed” or “teached”? (And I don't moderation upright any made up say - I veritably moderation say that are "wrong" in the way that say relish "swimmed" or "goed" are "wrong".) Be unmistakable to state us WHY the perspective you divert provides a emend sense. 3. Is one of these hypothetical perspectives by itself ample to expound how crowd collect diction? Provide sign for your confutation.   IMPORTANT: When providing sign for your confutations, you must call the quotationtome where divert by listing the producer and page compute(s).