Module 04 Written Assignment – Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is an significant deal-out of the overall marketing order. When sending an e-mail or stringing a hired plan, it is significant that the missive you favoring is returning on the landing page. Choose an existing email you accept recently current to exhaustive this assignment. In a 3-4 page monograph, discourse the following: Compare and opposition what you transitional from the e-mail to the landing page What did you acquire in respects to contrivance planning among e-mail and the Web? What are the ways in which alteration can be increased? Support your statements delay misapply examples and conversant references. Explain why you made these favoring changes. Be unquestioning to apprehend what you acquireed through the order. Include a mockup of the e-mail landing page. You can adopt to bestow this in Word, PowerPoint, or Illustrator format. If you are using the landing page of a favoring Web predicament, you may apprehend a screenshot of the landing page and highlight the alterations that you would bring-about.