Musharraf Era: Pakistan Flourishes

Compiled By: Mirza Rohail B ©Our guide – Musharraf http://presidentmusharraf. wordpress. com/ All this is all the raise astounding when one considers that sound six years ago, Pakistan was on the bear of noncommunication, following a determination singly a brief raise than $1bn in exotic retype reserves and its store negotiate teetering at 1,000 points (desert $5 billion singly) and exotic obligation servicing at 65% of GDP. Our ship-produces were at a lenient $7. 5 billion. The unintermittently ever-declining rupee perspicuous solid at environing 60-61 to a dollar gone Musharraf took balance. Of the 184 sever countries of the IMF, Pakistan’s reprove of economic enlargement 7% is one of the best in the earth. The Karachi store negotiate is now balance 13,000 points and desert environing $65 billion. Now exotic obligation servicing has lowered to behove 28%. Our ship-produces augmentationd to behove $18 billion. 1. Pakistan husbanding is floating the fastest growing economies in the earth as its husbanding has reached the bulk of $170 billion from a simple $70 billion in 1999. Pakistan attracted a annals FDI of $8. 6 billion in 2007-08. 2. 2007: National revenues had swelled from Rs 308 billion during 1988-99 to environing Rs 800bn in 2007; and FBR estimates now 2. 8 favorite Proceeds Tax payers. Year Entirety CBR Trodden Introdden Custom Sales Central excise 1998-99 308. 5bn 110. 4bn 198. 1bn 65. 3bn 72bn 60. 8bn 2005-06 712. 5bn 224. 6bn 487. 9bn 138. 2bn 294. 6bn 55bn 2008-09 810. 3bn 305bn – 105. 3bn 319. 3bn 80. 5bn (2008-09 Progressive) 3. Common sector harvest program (PSDP) has to-boot confirmed from Rs 80 billion in 1999; to Rs 520 billion in 2007 and augmentationd raise to Rs 549. 7 billion in 2008. 4. FACT: The reprove of enlargement in Pakistan Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) is at a 30-year lofty. Rendering vital-validity is at a 17-year lofty. LSM: 1999-00 was 1. 5% and 2004-05 was 19. 9% and 2006-07 was 8. 6% and 2007-8 is 5%. 5. FACT: The Infrastructure Industries Index, which measures the act of Seven industries, i. e. Electricity breed, Natural gas, Crude oil, Petroleum products, Basic metal, Cement and coal, has annalsed a 26. 2 percent enlargement in Industrial sector of Pakistan. 6. FACT: Jan 14: Pakistan now has a entirety of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i. . 67 per cent) in the common sector and 81,103 (i. e. 100 per cent) in the secret sector, rumors the National Education Census (NEC-2005). The census — junctisolely conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) — reveals that the enumereprove of secret-sector institutions has augmentationd from 36,096 in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i. e. by 100 per cent. 45,007 Educational Institutions keep augmentationd in Musharraf Era. 7. FACT: Pakistan is 3rd in earth in Banking profitability, a rumor of IMF said. On the IMF chart, Pakistan’s banking profitability is on third aspect following Colombia and Venezuela. On the IMF chart India is on 36th aspect and China is on 40th aspect. Pakistan’s Banking sector pungent desirable in 2002. Their receipts continued to ascend for the trodden five years and telling to Rs 84. 1 ($1. 1 billion) billion in 2006 8. 11 May 2009: By supple 7. 746 tonnes of gold during the exposed five years – 2004 to 2008 – Pakistan joins the ranks of gold supple countries. According to the facts following a determination the Saindak Metal Limited – during the exposed five years – Pakistan has executed 86,013 tonnes of copper, 7. 46 tonne gold and 11. 046 tonne silver, to-boot the origination of 14,482 tonnes of magnetite concentreprove (iron), bringing in a entirety of $633. 573 favorite. 9. In 1999 what we achieveed as GDP: we used to bestow abpathway 64. 1 % as exotic obligation and liabilities. Now in 2006, what we achieve as GDP: we bestow ONLY 28. 3 % as exotic obligation and liabilities. Now we are SAVING 35 % of Our GDP for economic enlargement. According to Office of Finance, External obligation & liabilities (EDL) and DAWN: 1988 – $ 18 bn —–> 1990 – $ 20. 5 bn —–> 1999 – $ 38. 9 bn —–> 2000 – $ 35. 48 bn —–> 2001 – $ 37. 2 bn —–> 2002 – $ 34. bn —–> 2003 – $ 35. 4 bn —–> 2004 – $ 35. 3 bn —–> 2005 – $ 35. 8 bn —–> 2006 – $ 37. 6 bn —–> 2007 – $ 40. 5 bn —–> 2008 – $ 45. 9 bn —–> 2009 – $ 50 bn 10. According to Economic Survey 2005. Poverty in Pakistan in 2001 was 34. 46%. And, now following 7 years of Musharraf; Poverty in 2005 was 23. 9%. Poverty DECREASED by 10. 56%. Overall, 12 favorite commonalty keep been pushed out of Poverty in 2001 -2005! 11. Literacy reprove in Pakistan has augmentationd from 45% (in 2002) to 53% (in 2005). And, Education now receives 4% of GDP and English has been introduced as well-founded theme from space 1. 2. 12-4-07: The IT diligence, which was virtually non-existent seven years ago, has confirmed to be desert $2 billion of which $1 billion is ship-remainder allied. It rregistered a 50% enlargement. 55 exotic IT companies keep already entered the negotiate. Now the sector industrious 90,000 professionals. 13. 30-1-08: The legislation has determined to set up a existent hospital cum Medical University in collaboration following a determination the Harvard Medical International, USA, at a require of Rs 18 billion. The university procure be built at the Defence Housing Instance (DHA), Islamabad. A entirety of 2,500 students procure be taught at the furrow smooth, determination subjoined 600 seats procure be advantageous for postfurrow elimination courses. 14. Nov 2006: President Musharraf says that Pakistan procure set up Nine Engineering Earth Class Science and Technology Federal Universities by 2008 following a determination exotic countenance. He said the institutions of loftyer tuition would be ordinary in collaboration following a determination Italy, South Korea, Japan, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and China. The Require of fabric these Exotic Universities procure be balance Rs 96. 5 billion. The Vice Chancellors, Heads of office, Professors and Faculty of the provided university procure be from these Exotic Universities; determination the Examination classification, Peculiarity promise followed and the Degree awarded procure to-boot be from these Exotic Universities. 15. Legislation has common to bestow at ultimate 4% of GDP to Education in 2007 budget. 16. In 1999-2000 there were 31 Common Universities. Now 2005-2006 there are 49 Common Universities. HEC setup 47 Universities. a) Air University (ordinary 2002) b) Organize of Space technology, ISB (ordinary 2002) c) Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta (ordinary 2004) ) University of Science & Technology, Bannu (ordinary 2005) e) University of Hazara (founded 2002) f) Malakand university, Chakdara (ordinary 2002) g) Karakurum Interpolitical university, Gilgit (ordinary 2002) h) University of Gujrat (ordinary 2004) i) Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (ordinary 2002) j) Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (ordinary 2001) k) National Law University, ISB (2007) l) Media University, ISB (2007) m) University of Education, Lahore (2002) n) Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005) o) Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc. 7. 6-sever custody of Australian Office of Education, Science & Technology and AusAID, is visited Pakistan on the desire of PM Shaukat Aziz to aid Pakistan in its efforts to realign its TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) according to the negotiate needs. Chairman NAVTEC Altaf Saleem informed the custody environing NAVTEC contemplations to augmentation the magnitude to course one favorite commonalty per-annum by 2010 from the give annual magnitude of 320,000. 18. Defense Exports of Pakistan keep crossed the $200 favorite indication as the state’s hearty Defense manufacturing diligence continues to diffuse. This was known by Elder General Syed Absar Hussain, Director General, Defense Ship-remainder Promotion Organization; following IDEAS 2006 Karachi . 19. President Musharraf recognized an balance Rs. 1. 36 billion 18 Mega Watt Naltar hydro potentiality purpose. The purpose, accomplishedd in filthy years at Naltar neighboring Gilgit. 20. Pakistan is now in Large-scale Nuclear disquisition. The reactor lower rendering… could remainder balance 200kg of instruments-space plutonium per year, bombastic it operates at unmeasured potentiality for a elegant 220 days per year. At 4 to 5 kilograms of plutonium per instrument, this store would tolereprove the origination of 40-50 Nuclear instruments a year,” the rumor said. 21. The Karachi Mien Trust (KPT) and Hutchison Mien Holdings (HPH) of Hong Kong procure presage a confession bond tomorrow for contrast up a US$1 billion Deep-instil container mien, the primeval in Pakistan. KPT procure endow $450 favorite for infrastructure harvest for the purpose. HPH procure endow $557 favorite. In the primeval bearing, a 1,500m quay embankment procure be built following a determination a intentional dept of 18m. 22. GILGIT: President Musharraf recognized the dry mien in the conbeautiful town of Sust, 200km north of Gilgit. The Dry mien, a Pakistan-China junction stake, was built in 2004 at a require of Rs90 favorite. It is 10,000-foot lofty Sust Dry Port. 23. Dec 2006: President Musharraf said manifold canals, including the Thal and Raini canals, were nature contrived for reform utilization of the instil advantageous. He said Rs66 billion was nature spent on brick-lining of 87,000 canals in the state, adding that 6,000 new canals would be brick-lined trodden year. 24. The Secret Potentiality Infrastructure Board (PPIB) has common disquisition of Tarbela dam potentiality purpose that would genereprove 960 MW requireing $500 favorite. 25. President Musharraf Thursday recognized the Mirani Dam. Mirani Dam in Kech area of Mekran boundary following a determination a catchment area of 12,000 balance kilometre has been built in filthy years at a require of Rs6 billion that includes Rs1. 5 billion in equivalent to the fictitious commonalty. It procure keep a storage magnitude of balance 300,000 favorite acre feet of instil. 26. Gomal Zam Dam: This purpose afloat Aug 2002 and is expected to be accomplishedd coming 2008. It is located in the Damaan in NWFP. It is 437 feet lofty and procure water environing 163,000 acres of fix. The entirety requires amounts to Rs. 12 billion. Having a bulk storage of 1. 14 MAF. It procure remainder 17. 4 MW of electricity. 27. Mushrraf says the legislation is constructing the Rs40 billion Katchi Canal and Punjab had been friendly to arrange fix for its 350 kilometre extend that procure by through the region. 28. The Economic Coordination Committee determined to set up a $2-billion mega Oil refinery at Khalifa Point in boundary Hub, Balochistan. The refinery, commissioned by 2010, would keep a ultimatum refining magnitude of 13 favorite tons of petroleum products – loftyer than the state’s entirety vigorous magnitude of 12. favorite tons. 29. Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation (PSMC) during the pity July-Sept 2007 annalsed the loftyest ever-sales aspect of Rs 9. 3012 billion. 30. The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) sector of Pakistan has attracted balance Rs 70 billion endowments during the exposed five years as a remainder of munificent and assuring policies of the legislation. Presently, some 1,765 CNG stations are careless in the state, in 85 cities and towns, and 1000 raise would be setup in the trodden three years. It has arranged avocation to 30,000 commonalty in the state. 31. The Securities and Retype Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has registered 1,135 companies during the primeval pity (July-September 2007). Following a determination the new registrations the entirety enumereprove of registered companies following a determination SECP as on September 30 has reached 50,125. 32. Telecom sector has attracted an endowment of $ 9 billion in exposed three years. It formd of 80,000 jobs undeviatingly and 500,000 jobs interveniently. 33. Corrupt & Incompetent Nawaz Sharif made one motorway M2 (Lahore – Islamabad). Lower Musharraf 6 Motorways accomplishedd or lower rendering: M1 (Islamabad to Peshawar) – (Rs. 3 bn) – [155 km] – (afloat 2003 – Completed Oct 2007) M3 (Pindi to Faisalabad) – (Rs. 5. 6 bn) – [53 km] – (afloat 2002 – Completed 2004) M8 (Gwadar to Ratodero) – [1072 km] – (afloat 2004 – procure accomplished 2009) M9 (Karachi to Hyderabad) – (Rs. 6. 3 bn) – [136 km] – ( M10 (Karachi Northern bypass) – (Rs 3. 5 bn) – [56 km] – (completed 2007) M11 (Lahore to Sialkot) – (Rs. 23 bn) -[101 km] – (afloat 2006 – lower rendering) 34. Lower Musharraf multiform Highways lower rendering throughout the state. Including N5, N-25, N-35, N-45, N-50, N-55, N-65, N-70, N-75, N-80, S-1, etc. 35. General Pervez Musharraf recognized the Makran Coastal Highway (N-10) purpose in August 2001, consisting of Karachi-Gwadar, Pasni-Gwadar, and Ormara-Liari (Balochistan) Highways. The Liari-Ormara Highway requireed Rs3. 9 billion and Pasni-Gwadar Highway Rs2. 8 billion respectively. The entirety protrresuscitation of Makran Coastal Highway is 533 kilometers. ” 36. 2-12-07: Sialkot Interpolitical Airmien Limited (SIAL) accomplishedd. The 1,002-acre airmien is 13 km west of Sialkot and is linked by a pathway to Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Narowal, the Ship-remainder Processing Zone (EPZ) and the Sialkot Dry Mien Trust. 7. Ghandara Interpolitical Airmien (Islamabad) the primeval-ever green-field airmien nature built at a require of $400 favorite; following a determination a wonderful interpolitical consultant, Louis Berger Group of USA. President Musharraf laid the origin stone of the purpose on April 7, 2007 and procure be accomplishedd by Dec 2010. Its entirety area is 3700 acres (15 km? ). 38. Elder Industrial landss are nature exposed lower Musharraf’s vision: M3 Industrial lands, Sundar Industrial lands, Chakri Industrial, Mien Qasim Industrial lands, etc. 39. Oct 2007: In the present fiscal year the Mining and Quarrying sector has registered a enlargement reprove of 5. 6 percent. Increased enlargement was propelled by vigorous enlargements annalsed in magnetite (30 percent), dolomite (26. 1 percent), Limestone (25. 2 percent) and chromites. 40. The legislation has already afloat multiform initiatives, to discbalance and disclose earth-class copper-gold deposits in Chagai Baluchistan; by Australian Firms that would import $500 favorite to $600 favorite per year. 41. Elder reserves of COPPER & GOLD in Baluchistan’s Rekodiq area keep been descryed in coming 2006. It has ranked Rekodiq floating the earth’s top seven copper reserves. The Rekodiq mining area has proven estimated reserves of 2 billion tons of copper and 20 favorite ounces of gold. According to the present negotiate rate, the appraise of the deposits has been estimated at environing $65 billion, which would genereprove thousands of jobs. 42. Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) on Wednesday common 45 harvestal purposes in its convocation, including six revised purposes following a determination a entirety require of Rs 154. 1 billion following a determination a exotic retype ingredient (FEC) of Rs 36. billion. 43. Rs 9. 8 billion keep been allocated for 91 divergent mega purposes at Common Sector Universities opposing the region, said Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan. 44. Oct 2007: A unmeasuredy administrative TMS (Tax Management System), including profiling, following a determinationholding, return/payment filing, retrieval, refunds, audit, and constitutional vestigeing is scheduled to be operational by 2007 in Pakistan, to process the tax year 2007 yield, according to Earth Bank. 45. The legislation is providing Sui Gas ease to areas of South Punjab at a require of Rs 1. 311 billion. A entirety of 1,138 kilometre gas pipeline is nature laid. The boundarys benefiting from these schemes largely include Multan, Khanewal, Bahawalnagar, Rajanpur, DG Khan, Vehari and Muzaffargarh. 46. The KHI city legislation’s rehabilitation of Industrial zones and correction contemplation for all those filthy industrial zones, of the city needs to be accomplishedd in 7-8 months. Projects desert Rs 2. 5 billion and beautification Rs 4. 5 billion. 47. 27-11-07: Pakistan Navy Ship Zarrar, the primeval of Multi-Role Tactical Platform (MRTP-33), was commissioned into Pakistan Navy at a rite at PN Dockyard. 48. 9-12-07: City Nazim Mustafa Kamal said the rendering achievement of 47-storey IT Tower in the neighborhood of Civic Hardihood at a require of $200m would rouse promptly. Environing 40,000 boy would get avocation in the IT Tower. It procure keep 10,000 flatter hardihoods of which 6,000 keep been booked so far. 49. The President common the purpose of laying of 940-kilometre-long “standard gauge” Railway vestige betwixt Gwadar and Quetta that would require Rs 75 billion. A German determined won the agree. 50. To augmentation the proceeds of Farmers, the Legislation is endowing Rs7. 80 billion lower which a Food Security Program procure be begined. Initially it procure be begined in 1,000 villages. He said Rs 3. 60 billion would be endowed in live-stocks and dairy sectors. Environing 1,200 type dairy farms and 2,950 god manners farms procure be ordinary lower this endowment. 51. Pakistan procure hurl a Self-controlled Alien Sensing Subordinate Classification (RSSS) at a require of Rs19. 3 billion to secure strategic and perpetual minister of subordinate alien sensing facts for any sever of the globe balance the year. SUPARCO procure instrument it balance a determination of six years. President Musharraf has common the purpose in cause. 52. Governor recognized the DUHS Medical Elimination City following a determination Dow Feature Reference and Elimination Laboratories and Jinnah Genome Centre as its expressive ingredients. He to-boot laid the origin stone for a library and sports deep which houses divergent voter institutions of the university. 53. President Musharraf to-boot recognized a 50-bed state-of-the-art Workers Welfare Fund Ilk Center. The primeval-ever ilk hardihood in Baluchistan, contrived on 7. 5 acres at a require of Rs385 favorite and having the feature, dialysis, surgical and lab facilities procure aid the commonalty of this area. 4. Karachi: The fabric of the 50-bed Ilk Centre in Landhi has been accomplishedd. Minister Muhammad Adil Siddiqui . He said that the fabric of this centre had been built at a require of Rs70 favorite. 55. CM Pervaiz Elahi recognized Pakistan’s primeval Software technology field (STP) on Ferozpur Pathway to be instrumented by Punjab IT Board (PITB). The Rs 1. 5 billion purpose is set balance area of 32 kanals; procure be accomplishedd in 12 months and is expected to form trodden 10,000 jobs and genereprove economic vital-validity of Rs 9 billion per year. 56. In what is considered a elder bound for Pakistan, a Polytechnic Organize is nature ordinary to remainder serviceable achievementvalidity that procure recapture the manufacturing diligence from the clutches of exotic reliance. Nature built in Korangi at a require of Rs450 favorite, this legislation-funded organize procure rouse careless in January 2007 and provide 500 achievementers by the end of primeval year, to-boot supple 22 divergent types of dies and moulds for aviation, telecom, pharmaceutical and other industries. Experts from Germany, Japan and Thaifix assisted in discloseing curriculum. 57. Police Act 1861 replaced by Police Arrange 2002 following 141 years. Police validity disconnected into three separeprove wings: Watch and fend, Investigation and Prosecution. 58. Federal Minister for Commerce in arrange to existentize tobacco farming in the state; is contrast up a state-of-the-art Tobacco Elimination Hardihood in Bunner. Per-annum 8 favorite kilograms of Virginia tobacco (beautiful peculiarity), desert Rs 9. 2 billion is rationalistic in Bunner. Lower rendering. 59. The legislation has formed “Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Harvest Company (PGJDC)” following a determination a require of Rs 1. 4 billion, to augmentation the ship-remainder of gem and Jewellery from $25 favorite to $1. 5 billion by 2017. 60. In 1999, Pakistanis could singly supply to buy a entirety of 32,461 partially assembled Cars. The concluding annual aspect stands at 115,000. Currently, there are 1. 3 favorite cars on Pakistani pathways as divergent to 815,000 cars some five years ago; a 60 percent bound in car tenure. 61. In 1999, a entirety of 94,881 new Motorcycles were sold in Pakistan. In 2005, Pakistanis bought or leased some 500,000 new motorcycles. 62. ISB: To transmute the Karachi Fisheries Harbour Instance (KFHA) in a phraseology of Sydney Fish Market, the legislation proposes an resuscitation contemplation desert $10 favorite so as to perform the KFHA a desirable instance. Estimated, Pakistan has a fish and seafood diligence desert $1. 2 billion. Exports queer are desert neighboringly $200 favorite per annum. Raise than 0. 8 favorite commonalty rely undeviatingly or inundeviatingly on the diligence for their living. 63. FACT: Pakistan globally ranks 10th floating the countries which were floating the most erratic in perusing pro-business policies. A rumor “Doing Business in 2006? co-sponsored by Earth Bank and Interpolitical Finance Corporation (IFC). (c) ECONOMIC PAKISTAN and PRESIDENT MUSHARRAF http://economicpakistan. wordpress. com/2008/01/09/pakistan-flourishes/ http://presidentmusharraf. wordpress. com/