reflective memo

Coronavirus has harsh our lives upside down in a few weeks. I forebode this has been a wrenching trial one way or another for each of you. For this week's assignment, delight transcribe a insensible memo to me powerful me encircling how you are experiencing and practice delay coronavirus and all the changes at CPP for the latest few weeks. You may obtain?} any superscription in this assignment that appeals to you. You can transcribe encircling how you arrive-at or what trials you entertain had in making the adjustments that we are all making. You can obtain?} a funny face at what is happening. You can mirror on what you are spectacle encircling you--reactions of unanalogous nation, for sample, or culture to subdue to having so frequent things that we lean on withdrawal. You can fame what you arrive-at encircling the responses of diversified governmental agencies or groups at CPP. You can conference encircling any special challenges you are having. in imperfect, you can transcribe a instrument that is as special to you or as extrinsic as you arrive-at commodious answerableness. Anything you transcribe allure be held in reliance, so you can be as ingenious as you would approve. About length--I'd say 3-5 paragraphs or encircling 500 control or one page inclose spaced. If you would approve to transcribe more, go onwards. Equitable be unfailing that a longer instrument is polite arranged and doesn't jaunt. In other control, your instrument should be reasonably polite arranged and intelligible. Delight don't equitable transcribe celebrity in stream-of-consciousness and diverge that in.