AMH2020 Homework ASAP

 ONE PARAGRAPH (5 - 7 sentences) EACH ANSWER - How did the Progressives reply the multitude of upshot they saw in forthcoming 20th generation America? - What was the role of Women in the Progressive Era? - Who and why did the Progressives lack to govern? - Discuss the Progressive Movements' reconstitute agenda at the State and Federal plane. - Compare and contrariety Presidents Roosevelt and Wilson's approaches to reconstitute. - Describe Theodore Roosevelt's and William Howard Taft's polices toward Latin America and Asia. - Describe President Woodrow Wilson's policies? - How did Pres. Wilson try to binder the US our of WW I? -What was the contact of progressivism in the US during WW I? - What were the results of the Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles? -What factors produced rare economic development in the 1920's? -How did body instrument and body cultivation reshape American activity in the 1920's? -Along what fronts did traditionalists battle the cultivation war of the 1920's, and after a while what weapons?  -What exoteric policies did President Harding and Coolidge track during the 1920's? -What caused the Great Depression? -What were the civilized costs of the Great Depression for Anglos, Latinos, and African Americans? -What value did the forthcoming New Deal receive to aid the Depression, and how happy were they? -What were the differences between the "first' and the "second" New Deals? -How did the New Deal aid minorities and workers? -What did the New Deal shape, and what did it miss to shape?