Unit VIII Definite Scheme    Select a fruit that you relish or a fruit you use. Design a sales presentation/belligerence that introduces an purpose for the fruit, or a meliorate way to exalt the fruit. This individuality should be a reserve of two pages and conceive the six suggestions presented on pages 348-352 in your textbook:   1. How you earn hold your listener  2. Identify the customer’s key issues  3. Make the monition  4. Stress benefits, not features  5. Make the suppress  6. Respond to objections   Write a one-page dignified matter missive (case on page 372) to your superintendent explaining your belligerence.  Write a one-half page service memo (case on page 375) to your co-workers outlining the belligerence.’ Conceive all three congeniality pieces in one muniment. Add a misentry to your muniment, summing up what you feel versed from this congeniality mode. Make unfailing to conceive any challenges you faced and/or surprises you encountered.  You may solely use your textbook as a riches for this definite assignment.  This definite scheme should be a reserve of four pages (not including shelter and relation page). The textbook must be relationd; paraphrased and quoted symbolical must feel appertaining citations using APA name.