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Discussion 2: Preparing for Academic Success: Managing Your Occasion and Resources Many students originate their disequalize programs externally regarding how they procure fuse their studies into their ordinary responsibilities and registers. Online literature offers flexibility, but this is among the framework of a program that is built environing weekly assignments and due dates. In this week’s Discussion, you procure originate to apprehend about what you and your colleagues produce to this excursion in provisions of occasion skill skills, abilities, and conversance that can succor you all yield. To intention for this Discussion: Reflect on your ordinary register. During an medium week, what days and local hours procure you be conducive to set aloof for your academic studies? Consider what you insufficiency to do to form the occasion required to follow your disequalize measure. What factors could clash delay your occasion skill intention? What strategies do you insufficiency to put into locate to support good-fortune? With these thoughts in mind: Post : an description of at smallest one wieldment that  you procure use to succor you conquer those challenges to completing your measure that effectiveness also be serviceable to your colleagues.  Describe what your weekly register procure appear approve in appoint to decide making-ready for assignments and contravention due dates. Describe any supports you procure insufficiency to put into locate in appoint to form this occasion. Also, illustrate your back-up intention for technical problems or specific issues that effectiveness start. Identify at smallest one best manner that you intention to use to wield your occasion and instrument.