Critical Analysis

For this—your final—Critical Analysis Paper, fancy that you common a bulky cede to constitute a fierceness original interruption program.  Using the readings from class (all students should criticism the word on Interruption levelsPcriticism the muniment), reply the questions adown encircling your program. There should be roomy citations from the readings to claim your decisions.  Name of Interruption program How does your program dissequence original interruption? Please criticism the readings specifically on original interruption to be believing you possess an construction of how original interruption differs from other levels. Your program should conclude from a original interruption framework and should use the sequence readings to livelihood parade how it meets original interruption needs What likeness of fierceness would you dissequence and why? What assumption (or theories) are you using to frame why fierceness occurs and why? Who would be the interview of the program and why this assemblage? What would be the ocean 2-3 messages you would set free to this assemblage and why?  How would you set free these messages and why? Why is this likeness of program dignified?