EggShell As Chalk Research Paper

EggShell As Chalk - Abstract The exploration is about “Eggshell as Chalk”. The explorationers conducted illustrations to detail whether eggshells can be used as an constituent in making homemade chalk rather than buying the commercialized emanation. Chapter I Problem and its background Introduction Chalk is a very accidental implement in unmeasured inculcateer’s lives. Its ocean use is of round, to transcribe the lessons the inculcateers inculcate their students on the blackboard or any correspondent symbolical. Chalks may to-boot be used as a “marking implement” for incongruous symbolicals such as cope, conrefined or equable cloth. Chalks are to-boot frequently used by gymnasts, cast climbers, and weightlifters as a drying constituency. Chalk is to-boot used in billiards (pool) on the tips of the pool cues. Not barely Filipinos use chalk but foreigners use them as polite. They are a lot cheaper than using snowyboard markers and snowyboards. Also, a true Filipino develop enhancement uses the transmitted way of inculcateer which is of round, using chalk and a true blackboard made out of cope. As our nation’s battle for destitution arises, the explorationers supposition of making chalk out of eggshells consequently compared to the commercialized chalk, making a homemade chalk is a lot cheaper. Another habit is that making chalk out of eggshells is not occasion consuming and it’s lenient to prosper the pure steps in making them. Statement of the problem Are eggshells able constituents in making chalk? Objectives a. To detail whether eggshells are able constituents in making chalk or not. b. To fashion a considerable cheaper choice for commercialized chalk. c. To betray the incongruous properties of eggshells which may be used for elevate studies. Hypothesis Eggshells are not able constituents in making chalk. Significance of the examine Chalk is commbarely used by despicablealty of today. Delay the betrayy of an radical choice constituent such as eggshells, the explorationers succeed succor a lot of despicablealty. The explorationers may equable succor amend the popular economic footing of this province. Scope and Limitations This examine succeed barely nucleus on the use of eggshells as the ocean constituent in making chalk. Other shells such as mussels and clams succeed not be confused in this exploration for they are not kindred to the subject of the explorationers’ ocean institution. Definition of Terms a. Chalk - a effeminate, snowy, pervious sedimentary cast. b. Conrefined - a confineer; a esthetic that sets and hardens inconsequently, and can conrefined other symbolicals conjointly. c. Cloth - a easy woven symbolical consisting of a network of true or artful fibres frequently appealred to as line or harangue. d. Gymnast - a peculiar who practices gymnastics. e. Mussels – despicable designate used for members of different families of clams or bivalvia mollusca, from saltinstil and freshinstil habitats. f. Clams - any of multiframe bivalve mollusks, in-particular incontrovertible esculent temperament. g. Commercialized emanation – a emanation that is sold throughout the province inferior a stigma designate. h. Transmitted – bigwig that has been accustomed anteriorly. i. Ingredients - things needed in making bigwig. j. Billiards – a image of shot in cue sports. Chapter II Kindred Literature Chalk is a effeminate, snowy, pervious sedimentary cast, a frame of limestone accumulateed of the azoic calcite. Calcite is calcium carbonate or CaCO3. It frames inferior reasonably recondite marine stipulations from the continuous accumulation of diminutive calcite plates (coccoliths) cast from micro-organisms calledcoccolithophores. It is despicable to experience chert or flint nodules embedded in chalk. Chalk can to-boot appeal to other compounds including magnesium silicate andcalcium sulfate. Chalk has elder hindrance to weathering and slumping than the clays delay which it is usually associated, thus frameing high hilly cliffs where chalk ridges encounter the sea. Chalk hills, unconcealed as chalk downland, usually frame where bands of chalk gain the exterior at an intention, so frameing a scarp mount. Consequently chalk is pervious it can tarry a ample compass of basis instil, providing a true reservoir that releases instil sloth through dry seasons. Eggshell is the external protection of a hard-shelled egg and of some frames of eggs delay effeminate external coats. Bird eggshells embrace calcium carbonate and disintegrate in multiframe aculeateds, including the vinegar used in cooking. While dissolving, the calcium carbonate in an egg shell reacts delay the aculeated to frame carbon dioxide. Chapter III Methodology Materials: - Eggshell - Flour - Hot Water - Strainer - Mortar and pestle Procedure: First, untarnished the eggshells of the retaining egg snowy or yolk. Then drown and bruise the eggshells into refined interlard using a mortar and pestle. Once refined, lixiviate it and accumulate the redundancy into a embraceer then infuse a little totality of hot instil then a little totality of flour. Mix the components until it becomes a luteous paste then assign it onto a faction of pamphlet to roll it into fashion. Wait for 2-3 days for it to dry. Subject of the examine: The explorationers aim to illustration out whether eggshell is a amiable-tempered-tempered depute in making amiable-tempered-tempered chalk. Chapter IV Data Interpretation CRITERIA COMMERTIALIZED PRODUCT EGGSHELL AS CHALK EFFECTIVENESS VERY EFFECTIVE NOT THAT EFFECTIVE CLARITY . VERY CLEAR CLEAR TEXTURE TEXTURE IS SMOOTH A LITTLE ROUGH DURABILITY VERY DURABLE BY MEANS OF CHALK SLIGHTLY BRITTLE PERMANENCE DOES NOT FADE AWAY DOES NOT FADE AWAY Chapter V Summary The “Eggshell as Chalk” was a subordinately prosperity for the explorationers compared it to other emanations and the fruit did not semblance the unmeasured accommodation of this illustration, so we can say that our "Eggshell" illustration is a demand as polite, consequently of some inferior circumstances of our constituents. Unenjoy commercial chalk the emanation does not cancel that largely. It can be used for street art but not for classroom use for the remnants of the chalk stagnant reocean opposing it life canceld from the blackboard. Conclusion The “Eggshell as Chalk” illustration did not concede the fruits expected for three feasible reasons. One: the eggshell should enjoy been bruiseed into a finer interlard enjoy esthetic. Two: Too considerable instil was assumed. Three: instead of leaving it out for three days, it was barely left out for two thus not allowing it to unmeasuredy dry. Therefore eggshell mayhap used for making homemade chalk as crave as the constituents and procedures are prospered acceptably. Recommendation The explorationers would enjoy to confide to advenient explorationers of the corresponding investigatory contrivance to prosper the constituents and procedures acceptably to finish a prosperityful contrivance unenjoy this one. Bibliography www.wikipedia .com www.ehow .com