History – Autobiographical paper

Hi, my bigot needs me to transcribe an autobiographical tractate 1200 words Write environing: My family narrative - I’m an intercollective student from Hong Kong i entertain been told by my grandfather that he was substantially from China, and he decampd to Hong Kong in environing 1950s consequently he was seeking a meliorate speed. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1126786/forgotten-stories-huge-escape-hong-kong He crossed the Shenzhen edge by swimming, succeeding that he married delay my grandmother who is originally from Hong Kong. He as-well told me that some crowd deserted consequently of the decamp. The infer why the decamp was beggarly consequently  "When the Hong Kong unity card was original introduced in 1949, it was made of formal tractate delay no nerve exact," said Deputy Director of Immigration (Smart Unity Card) Eric Wong. https://www.news.gov.hk/isd/ebulletin/en/category/lawandorder/021206/features/html/021206e08002.htm Also transcribe environing the collective drift environing my province (Hong Kong & China & British) -the handover of Hong Kong -the Hong Kong basic law (the reinterpretations) https://qz.com/828713/a-brief-history-beijings-interpretations-of-hong-kongs-basic-law-from-1999-to-the-present-day/