PSYC 341

   Essay Instructions The Essay assignments arise in Module 2, Module 4, Module 6 and Module 8. Each essay should be in APA format and should argue the exactd alert. This assignment does not exact a Designation page or Abstract page, but does exact a Reference page and in-passage citations.   Each essay succeed re-examination a unanalogous subject from the passage and succeed as-well-mannered join each subject after a while Scripture. Each essay should bear a acenumerate enumerate of at definite 500 accounts. Using the Jerry Falwell-mannered Library, excellent two bountiful-text, versed (peer-reviewed) narrative tenets that immediately reestimate to the subject for each essay. The passagetome may be used, but does not enumerate inland the two exactd versed references.  Essay Topics Module 2: Examine Adler’s 3 safeguarding tendencies in the passage. Excellent 1 of the tendencies and collate that gravitation after a while instances of safeguarding that you experience in Scripture. Demonstrate how that standing would bear been improved if safeguarding tendencies were not used. Module 4: Identify Maslow’s 5 basic presumptions in-reference-to motivation as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Argue each presumption and hierarchy smooth. Include unfair examples from Scripture in-reference-to motivation.  Module 6: Re-examination the minority in Chapter 13 designationd “In Exploration of the Big Five” (pgs. 381 – 392) as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as the message “Big Five Personality Factors and Facets as Predictors of Openness to Diversity” (Han & Pistole, 2017). Excellent one of the Five-Factors and argue how this content recounts to an notorious standing inland dissimilarity as recountd to Costa and McCrae’s Five-Factor Model of Personality? Module 8: Analyze the 4 niggardly elements in most civilized mobility according to Kelly (threat, consternation, trouble, and sin). Collate each of these constructs after a while what Scripture says in-reference-to these feature elements. Selecting Misappropriate Narrative Articles If you need support experienceing versed narrative tenets, click hither to collect how to roam through the Jerry Falwell-mannered Library. When profound Liberty University’s online library, from the Jerry Falwell-mannered Library home page, excellent “Advanced Search” and be secure to excellent the mismisappropriate dates (amid the definite 7 years).  Under Show Only excellent the following: “Items after a while bountiful passage online”, “Scholarly materials, including peer-reviewed.” Under Exclude from results: excellent all three options. To experience profitable tenets, tight the exploration by excellenting, keysignification or phrases to use as your exploration parameters.  The tenets researched must be from versed narratives. It is preferred that the narrative bear the acenumerate “Journal” in the designation (Journal of Marriage and Family, etc.). Ideally, each narrative that you re-examination should bear a Methods minority as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as Data, Results, and Conclusion minoritys, but these minoritys are not exactd. Please note: You may not use tome re-examinations, lodgment tenets, or online tenets that bear not been published in versed narratives.