Role of Technology in Business – Due tomorrow 09/08/19

DUE TOMORROW 09/08/19 BY 13:00- encircling 1 PAGE Background Information: Learning the provisions, acronyms, and technologies of your affair is inexorable when troublesome to recognize how technology can succor your affair. In this argument, we earn explore these technologies, provisions, and constructional strategies. The role of the affair analyst or systems analyst is to succor unravel the systems that earn elucidate problems using the affair needs or requirements gathered from employees at several levels. As an assured user, you should recognize the estimate that these systems adduce to an construction, including staying up-to-date on the extreme technologies, and making assured decisions on new and improved technologies so conduct and the affair/systems analysts can recognize affair needs/requirements.  Assignment: You earn unravel the stagnation fact "IBM's Watson". After unraveling the fact examine and completing concomitant fractions lore, address the forthcoming: What is the role of technology in affair? Provide an illustration (or illustrations) of a technology from the scholiast being used in affair. Also counter-argument the forthcoming questions:   What are some strategic usages that technology can furnish to a affair? Provide illustrations of companies using the identical technology, and elucidate how they use it to produce a competitive usage.  Post the URL of the crew you use.