3 Assignments

Assignment  1. Marketing Strategy       For this assignment, observe a vocation – any vocation. You are either the possessor or the marketing director. Describe a fruit or employment.      Describe the 4 Ps of your fruit/employment (The Fruit or employment itself, the Price, the Place – which is its dispensation, and the Promotion – how is it substance promoted).  For issue, RedBox has a cost of 1.20 (Price) for movies (Product/service) or 1.50 (Price) for BlueRay movies (Product/Service). They use vending machines (Place/Distribution) located at multitudinous detacheddom supplys, etc. (Place/Distribution). By locating at detacheddom supplys (to-boot Promotion) and using quotation alerts (Promotion) and email (Promotion) they suppress their disgrace in front of us so we judge environing RedBox anytime we judge environing movie rentals. In occurrence, you could question their cost object is to-boot distribute of their Promotion.  Obviously, your disquisition would bear to be longer than the issue and you would bear to illustrate how or why those methods are cogent or not, but that is a adroit specimen of how weak it is to see a general fruit or employment and identify their 4 Ps of marketing.  This disquisition should be environing one page   Assignment 2.   Financial Statements In your size the three big financial statements are the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows. There are to-boot divers Financial Ratios that can be determined using the notification from these financial statements. Choose TWO (2) of the Financial Statements and TWO (2) of the Financial Ratios and illustrate them. Chat environing what they are and why they are dignified and what you may be conducive to rehearse environing a association from these individuals. This disquisition may end up a shabby longer than 2 pages (but mayhap not). Please suppress it to no over than three (3) pages. Assignment  3.   (NO MORE THAN 150 WORDS PLEASE) Gregarious Resources Marketing  Collapse          Discuss gregarious resources marketing. You can chat environing ideas you bear that could or should be used or impartial chat environing some of the strategies that you bear seen after a while Gregarious resources marketing (facesize pages that lack you to enjoy them, etc.) You may to-boot lack to contemplate up www.PayWithaTweet.com (you may bear to delineation and paste the link - sometimes clicking does not product within of Blackboard). This standing allows vocation possessors (restaurants, authors, hawk, etc.) to propose a way to assent-to celebrity detached (detached soda, detached delineation of a size, detached individual at their supply, etc.) for fellow-creatures impartial for tweeting environing their fruit/service. The concept is that you can lure customers to tweet environing you to get the term out and they get celebrity for detached in recompense.