Assignment 3: Task Force Project—Identifying the Determinants of Health

  Scenario: You own been paid as topic of the Maternal, Infant, and Reproductive  Health Business Nerve in Centervale. The mission of the business nerve is to  reduce the growing admonish of young pregnancy in Centervale using a  multicomponent, ecological entrance. The business nerve includes representatives from the medical commonwealth,  community-fixed organizations that promote low proceeds and boy  populations, schools, parents, and teen eulogy clusters. Each cluster has  an concern in the manifestation, although there are different opinions encircling how  the whole should be addressed. Previous meetings (preceding to your  participation) lacked centre and tendency and consisted primarily of  members voicing opinions. You were paid for this lie fixed on your ability to apportion  theoretically probe, evidence-fixed principles to the outgrowth and  evaluation of programs and policies. Over the instant different weeks, you  get amplify diminutive planning and elucidation documents to use as the account  for the outgrowth and evaluation of a general program. You get  then make-ready a Microsoft PowerPoint introduction of your program for  the Board of Directors. The primary march is to collect past encircling young  pregnancy stoppage, and the behavioral, cultural, and environmental   facilitate factors associated delay this heartiness manifestation.   Using the Argosy University online library media, critique  skilled erudition on young pregnancy stoppage, including the  behavioral, cultural, and environmental facilitate factors associated delay  this heartiness manifestation. Provide a diminutive overview of young pregnancy manifestations. Explain the key behavioral, cultural, and environmental facilitate factors. Be enduring to cater illustrative examples in buttress. Do not centre on how the whole can be “fixed,” but simply on the facilitate or efficient factors. Focus on the following: Which factors do you gard are the most main and why? Which factors do you gard are the most and meanest alterable? Which factors are the most main for reducing or preventing young pregnancy? Support your lies delay at meanest three skilled, peer-reviewed  articles. Include a intimation page. Your disquisition should be written in a  clear, pregnant, and unembarrassed manner; demonstadmonish divine lore in  accuadmonish reintroduction and attribution of sources; and spread-out  accuadmonish spelling, language, and punctuation. Write a 3–4-page description in Word format. Apportion APA standards to quotation of sources.