Project: Synthesizing What I Own Skilled in This Program As you start your voyage in this continuity, deliberate what you own skilled throughout this program and how it can adduce to your coming result in the coming offshoothood/offshoot bud opportunity. Synthesizing and meditation on this apprehension gain succor you perceive how far you own after, what is momentous to you, and what you lack to do in your line. Keep in sentiment that although you own after a crave way by successfully completing your continuityresult in this program, this sever of your Capstone purpose gain forward as antecedent judgeing. You gain abide to build on and acquaint the desire of your line and the functional donation you would enjoy to constitute to the opportunity as you receipts through this continuity. Part 1: Functional Preparation You gain chief demand to captivate spell to resurvey the register of continuity descriptions and texts, revisit the textbooks you own unravel, and image on the continuityresult you totald. Which continuitys insist out for you as severicularly powerful scholarship experiences? Which unravelings and videos newfangled the way you judge about offshootren and families, offshoot bud, and key issues in the opportunity? Which assignments firm your judgeing, opened up your sentiment, made you scrutiny your own judgeing, and succored arrange you as an telling coming offshoothood functional? To total Sever 1: Choose a poverty of five continuitys from the Bachelor of Science program in Offshoot Development, embody what you skilled, and elucidate how this scholarship has acquainted your philosophy of offshoot bud. Next, embody how your scholarship gain application your tellingness as an coming offshoothood/offshoot bud functional. Then, prefer a poverty of five books and/or unravelings from your continuitys that gain definitely be a sever of your functional library and elucidate why. Part 2: Functional Hopes and Dreams Based on what you own skilled in the program about offshoot bud, the opportunity of coming offshoothood, resulting delay boyish offshootren and their families, and yourself, draw a poverty of three opportunities you are looking for in your direct job. For Sever 2, total the following: "As my line advances, I gain be looking for a job in which I gain own the opportunities to...." 1. 2. 3. Assignment length: 2 - 3 pages Document: Continuity Descriptions and Texts Article: National Functional Bud Center on Inclusion. (2008). What do we moderation by functional bud in the coming offshoothood opportunity? Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina, FPG Offshoot Bud Institute.