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  Assignment 3: How is Technology Changing the Visage of Transaction Today? The transmitted hawk copy has focused on opinion high-margin, high-volume products or services accordingly poor intervenience media lowly intervenience register. For development, organizations such as Walmart picked the biggest hits from the broadest genres, denominated the “inadequate culmination.” The inadequate culmination media Walmart succeed barely push a picked mix of province, pop, and buffet that is adapted to contribute the principal cost/benefit. The transaction copy of Amazon is incongruous. Amazon contributes the inadequate culmination but to-boot contributes the “long tail” of past than 100,000 incongruous audio pickedions. The race for customers betwixt the Walmart and Amazon marketplace is profoundly changing the visage of hawk transaction today. Using the assigned balbutiation and the Argosy University online library instrument, experience at smallest three conversant subscription that harangue harmonious ordinary trends allied to e-transaction and how e-transaction is changing the visage of transactiones today. Using your posse or a real-world development from your learning, meet to the aftercited: Describe how technology is changing the visage of transactiones today. Describe the most nice transaction processes that localize instruction systems in your pickeded posse. Explain how IT makes the posse’s transaction processes faster, cheaper, past complimentary, and customer-savvy than that of competitors. Summon at smallest three sources rest in your online library learning. Give reasons and developments from your learning to help your responses. Write 3–5-page tractate in Word format. Be positive to use and summon the module balbutiations. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the aftercited perfect naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M1_A3.doc. For development, if your designate is John Smith, your muniment succeed be designated SmithJ_M1_A3.doc.