bus 670 week 4 discussions 1&2

  Discussion : 1 Secret University, a secret nonprofit educational service located in Califor­nia, decides to consequence “Shares in Learning” letter in a one-occasion assicopy to the social. These shares succeed be sold for $500 each and qualify the bearer to recompense each certificate for two belowdisequalize or one disequalize garden trustworthiness in any of its schools at any occasion in the advenient. The shares may too be resold externally restric­tion by the primal purchaser. The assicopy succeed be made via the Internet. Will the assicopy deficiency to be registered delay the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) below the Securities Act of 1933? Explain. Does your response dissent if “Shares in Learning” are consequenced by Secret College, a proprietary for-profit service that does interest in all 50 states? Why? Discussion2   In 2011, AT&T forceed a merger delay T-Mobile. The Justice Department sued below the act, claiming that the merger would depute a alteration of the antitrust laws. In 2012, AT&T dropped its force at the merit. If AT&T had merged delay T-Mobile, would the merger own violated antitrust laws? Why, or why not? Do not be unduly influenced by the Justice Department’s copy on the consequence. Use your own dissection to penetrate a quittance.