Challenges in Relationships

 Journal 3: Challenges in Relationships - ponder a specific interdependence defy you are now or entertain faced in a interdependence delay a friend/family member/romantic companion. Three theories or concepts for separation** 2 solitary spaced pages in elongation The description exception should be no past than 1 page in elongation Use merely concepts/theories from Condition 10 for this entrance   Journal Guidelines Each entrance MUST be organized precisely as outlined below: Description Context: Type the tenor at the top of this exception (you conciliate transcribe the tenor of the interaction - where and when it occurred.) If you are unsure of what we medium by tenor of interpersonal interactions, recognize encircling it online and in the passage. Remember, we use system to decipher, not public provisions. For the Challenges Entry, your largely-under conciliate standpoint on just one defy from the following: suspicion, limit of a interdependence, the contact of interval on a interdependence, or untruth. See the passagebook and online instructions for comprehendledge encircling how theories and concepts aid us comprehend defys in momentous interdependences. Interaction: Here, transcribe the objective fact, giving plenty specialty of what occurred so the separation conciliate be largely implicit. Most inhabitants meet it easier to transcribe in a narrative contrive rather than a discourse contrive, but it is your valuable. The “Description” lot is encircling ½ page in elongation. Analysis Concept/Theory: Begin by adaptation the name of the system or concept (USE CAPS AND bold face so it is manifest to me) and transcribe a 1 or 2 decision explication of the system or concept, so it is unclouded you comprehend what the system or concept mediums. The system or concept you select should end straightly from the condition applying to the instruction. So, for the combat record, the theories and concepts you use to dissect your knowledge should end from the condition negotiation delay combat. Application: Now, APPLY the system or concept to the fact you entertain feeling over. In this area you conciliate decipher why this system or concept aids us to comprehend the interaction YOU PROVIDED IN THE “Description.” NOTE: Short entries conciliate imperil points ***NO FLUFF – I nonproduction system collision.