DB Development Exercise

Please acquiesce the news for the GROUP DB DEVELOPMENT EXERCISES.  PART 1: Create and normalize the ERD diagram created in Week 5 using a axiomsbase platform of excellent. Sign of the axiomsbase output must be acquiesceted as a oppressive representation screenshot AS WELL AS advent to the rule your bunch is completing the activities in. Preference is to advent the rule via Azure or AWS. There are command accounts helpful for frank. (16 Points) PART 2: Provide sign of how you can insinuate, update, and excellent axioms in the rule by providing SQL queries on how to finished the forthcoming activities: (4 Points) Insert a Proceedings into the Database Select one proceedings using attributes including doer indicate, ISBN, and compass distinction. Select multiple proceedingss using attributes including doer, publisher, and limit of divulgation. Uplimit a proceedings (or train of proceedingss) including the doer's indicate, style of the extract, rating of user, and rating comments. PART 3: In your assigned bunchs. all bunchs allure fruit on the corresponding overall purpose, but each bunch allure own its own illustration of the purpose axioms and allure found a detached and matchless interface to its illustration. Please vindication the forthcoming questions:  (.5 points) Please transcribe the indicate of the purpose bunch and identification of all users. (.5 points) The domain/website advent dregs of your axiomsbase impression. (Note: Just transcribe a one- two-sentence style of the overall conextract or condition that your impression is a distribute of). (1 points) Transcribe a cockney of other "value-added" facilities your rule could influence if you had the force to amplify the ERD Diagram and technology in the coming. (3 Points): Bunch Member responsibilities/activities in the overall purpose development Note: E-R Diagram is drawn established on the beneath requirements: ou allure fruit after a while compass notice, user notice, ratings of compasss, and users’ gregarious network.  Each compass has an id, distinction, divulgation limit, publisher, ISBN, administrative mode, page enumerate, expense (publisher), and emanation style  There are 3 categories of compass: invention, non-fiction, and element.  An doer can transcribe one or past compasss.   An doer can so be associated after a while one or past publishers.  An doer’s compass can own one or past editions.   A publisher can own divers doers and divers compasss.   Many ISBNs can so be associated after a while a dedicated publisher but merely one ISBN    per compass.  An doer can transcribe divers compasss.  The compass can own one or past editions.  There can be one or past formats to a dedicated compass train.  A compass can be associated after a while divers doers.  UCBooks needs to frequent trace of user ratings for each compass and doer (e.g., 1-5 and 1 for ‘Dislike’, to 5, for ‘Awesome!’).  A distributeicular user objurgates a distributeicular compass at a dedicated spell.  A user CANNOT objurgate the corresponding multiple spells cosmical there are multiple editions of the compass.  Each edition can be objurgated detachedly. Each user who acquiesces a rating allure be signed by a matchless id and has a indicate, gender, age, and dregs. Nothing is unattested.  There is so the gregarious netfruit betwixt users. Users can despatch despatch beseechs (i.e. trice messages/emails) to other users. Such beseechs can be legitimate or ignored.  Once legitimate, the two users are considered ‘compass buddies.’ If ignored, the user can despatch the beseech frequently.  We scantiness to add a place-of-business when the beseechs were sent (timestamp), the remainder of the beseechs and when the beseech was vindicationed (timestamp).