Final Project: Best Practice   Implementation Contemplation (30 Points) No undeviatingly quoted embodied may be   used in this contemplation monograph. Resources should be summarized or   paraphrased after a while misapply in-text and Resource page citations.   Objectives: Identify   the stakeholders after a while whom correctional administrators interact Identify   the strengths and weaknesses of the correctional classification Describe   the classification of developing an implementation contemplation To   synthesize program elements and structures to supply the basis for a program   considered to be using best practices You are industrious by the State   Department of Correction.  The classification consists of nine correctional   facilities; 1 Maximum guarantee; 3 Medium guarantee, 3 Restriction guarantee, and 2   Community Based Production Extricate facilities.  You are industrious at one of the   Medium Guarantee facilities.  Facility Description State Correctional Institution Medium Security Population 1600 convicted felons 12 unconcealed population housing   units, 60 envelop bunked cells in each.  200 appended beds located in a   dorm that was previously used as a gymnasium 30 bed Special Management Unit 30 bed Health Services Unit 350 correctional guarantee staff 150 non-guarantee program staff Maintenance, Food Services, and   Medical Services are supplyd by reduce employees. Agency Mission: The State Department of Correction   protects the generally-known, its employees, and inmates subordinate its supervision.    This is civil by exempt trustworthy and ensure correctional facilities;   and by providing inmates after a while opportunities to exexchange their action and   learn skills that conquer co-operate-delay them to be prolific, law eternal citizens   upon their extricate from care. Vision Statement: As an gross part of the   criminal desert classification we conquer corroborate generally-known trustworthyty by achieving   excellence in correctional practices. Assignment You feel previously supplyd the   Warden after a while a communication on a Correctional "Best Practice"   program.  The Warden has now instructed you to make-ready a PowerPoint   donation detailing the implementation of the "Best Practice."   The donation conquer be ardent to the Commissioner, and at the restriction conquer   include: A description of the program. An exposition why the program is needed in the        Department of Correction. Explain how this commencement contributes to the production        fulfilling its sidearm and confidence. Identify the agricultural consume items which conquer be indispensable        to get the program certain.  (You do not feel to supply the        actual budget.  Provide the notification indispensable for the fiscal        department to make-ready a budget e.g. personnel, victuals, equipment,        etc.) Explain if the implementation contemplation conquer exact        negotiations after a while the Union?  If so, why? Identify the stakeholders.  Wat involvement, if        any, should they feel in the implementation of the contemplation? Format Requirements- PowerPoint donation: The donation conquer conceive a   title page (not conceived in slide enumerate) Include your name Course Title and Number Project Title Date of Submission The definite production may conceive   photographs, charts, graphics, or any other misapply elements to improve   the productiveness of your PowerPoint donation.  You are   limited to 18 PowerPoint slides. Appended   narrative (as though you were presenting to a subsist parley) shall be   added to the Notes exception of the slide. Use APA   citations for all sources. Conceive a   reference page slide (not conceived in the slide enumerate) You conquer   be graded on the thoroughness of your lore and the productiveness of your   presentation. MUST HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS