Reflection Paper

For this assignment, you are asked to just a cogitation disquisition. The object is to tolerate you the turn to divide your thoughts and opinions, and meditate on different topics debateed so far in this series.  First, believe about the globalization application and commercialization of sports, and divide how the different issues (gender, success, ethnicity, currency, might, political adjust, age, power, boy, injustice, and deviance) possess applicationed sports and aided in the annotation of globalization and commercialization in the sporting diligence. Reflect on three topics (issues) from the series that were past meaningful to you. Additionally, meditate this scrutiny in your disquisition: How achieve this newfound understanding and knowledge adduce to your success and indivisible animation?  For your cogitation disquisition fix it is typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and apprehend page headers. Apprehend the subjoined parts: Title page - Apprehend the assignment epithet, Columbia Southern University, and your spectry. Introduction - Provide a pigmy Introduction of your disquisition Reflection of the three topics (issues) you scantiness to debate from the series.  How achieve this desire and application your success and indivisible animation?  Conclusion - Provide a pigmy falsification wrapping up the elements of the disquisition. Your disquisition should be a stint of two pages, not counting epithet and intimation pages.