responding to peers

   RESPONDING TO PEERS RESPOND TO PEER 1 ON ONE PAGE THEN PEER 2 ON ANOTHER PAGE. 1. Choose two of your classmates who interjacent suggestions that you would not use in the classroom.   2. Illustrate to your classmates why you would not use their chosen management and why you would vestibule this delay a opposed mode.  As a reminder, the Discussion Forum is a venue for academic thoughts.  Please be reverential delay your responses. Peer 1      In the classroom Sitting the   classroom With things or appearances that the effect can   narrate from their abode or other places. This advance   language and literacy by Following line   of two or more Steps that narrate to   familiar appearance and habits. Magnet squares   and feeble cars in the arrest area. The effect understand how magnets adhere   unitedly in making a ascend and they understand bulks math and expertness. Effect   understand by placing cars in a row, counting, and matching. Meal Time,   effect conquer co-operate delay each other and the adult at the board.      In the outdoor environment Taking a trudge   in the vicinity conquer rest of real-life habit. They conquer regard   the signification of entity impregnable delay control. Getting cool air and exploring the environment. Looking and affecting   the Nature that’s environing   the Children. Listen to   directions and using their five senses as they trudge in the vicinity. Learning colors of   trees and flowers and tone and shapes of signs. Using their large muscle skills,   climb trudge, and run. Exploring the   environment. Regard the plants, colors of leaves.     In the abode Bring the   environment of opposed fashion of appearances the slip can use for state, illustration,   arrest area. Bring in the   environment of What the effect   narrate to at teach. Example, meretricious state and arrest area. Children and   parents accept a state conclusion unitedly, Peer 2   In the classroom Dramatic state area -   conquer rest of effect   recreating real-life habits. They conquer use simulation on a medley of   topics. When the effect propound,   they foreclosure and slacken their gone-by habits. This is achieved by   picturing their gone-by habits in their minds.  Blocks and   other materials conquer relieve the effect understand opposed bulks and shapes,   math concepts, and how to labor-out problems. When the effect actuate or stack   blocks, they conquer understand environing bulk and ponderosity, and execute decisions touching   how to raise. Singing and   moving to the surpass of the voicelessness get the effect an occasion to actuate   freely, feel amiable environing their assemblage actuatement, and an occasion to habit   new skills. Singing unitedly as a   bunch enhances their force to labor as a bunch.      In the outdoor environment In the outdoor   environment, the effect can debate what is seen, heard, flighty, and felt   to familiarize them delay the atmosphere changes, the opposed seasons, and   growth of plants and animals. The effect   like to state beyond and do things such as ordinary, climbing, or jumping   which exertion their muscles. Also, they can state gratuitously and snuff a expiration   of cool air. They not merely exertion their muscles but they can examination species   that environ them. Using colorful cubes   get the effect an occasion to use their mind for raiseing and intenting. Playing gratuitously   beyond allows the effect to execute new friends and use their mind and   gross motor skills.     In the abode Creating a   fort portray meretricious state and is a fun spectre in the abode for assuring   a simulation cosmos-people from the perspective of the slip Collect feeble appearances   such as rocks, seashells, or leaves. Suggest that the slip species the   opposed shapes of the seashells or those of the corresponding bulk. Encourage the   effect to illustrate their intent or why things are bunched unitedly. Inviting classmates aggravate for   parties or stateconclusion is a amiable way for them to execute friends delay other   children.