Week 1

  Assignment: Essay Questions: Go to page 8 and consider Appearance 1.2 consider the five collocations listed inferior Operations Management Positions. (a) List all five of them and explain each collocation. (b) Tell which one appeals to you the most and why. (Please use google for this multiply as I do not feel the appearance) Write 150 opinion on the ten strategic OM decisions delay an description of each one. Give a special experiment on using any of these OM decisions in your late or vulgar effort. Exercises: The proportionately few activities that form a unlikeness among a resolute having and not having a competitive usage are unconcealed as which of the subjoined? Activity maps Key good-fortune factors Global profiles SWOT Gantt charts Which are the vulgar challenges for operations managers? Mass customization Empowered employees and enriched jobs JIT performance Rapid result product and scheme collaboration All of the above Operations managers do all but which of the subjoined? Design movables and services Manage quality Process and talents scheme Financing contracts Maintenance The interdiplomatic structure that promotes interdiplomatic exchange agreements to inferior barriers to exempt issue of movables counter borders is which of the subjoined? NAFTA Maquiladoras European Union MERCOSUR WTO