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Non-Profit Structure (NPO) Pamphlet - Submit Files Hide Folder Information Folder   Non-Profit Structure (NPO) Pamphlet OriginalityCheck enabled Instructions   In this pamphlet, you allure condense each structure and its band-arms. Then you allure parallel and contrariety their strengths and weaknesses. Combine all your scrutiny from the pamphlet and the Polity Analysis Pamphlet to frame a advice whether one, twain, or neither of the structures should be implemented or remain to consist in your polity.  This pamphlet must be in a .doc, .pdf, or .rtf format. The pamphlet must be 3-4 pages not including appellation page and references. Your labor should be double-spaced, 12-point gauge fonts, after a while 1-nch margins all encircling. When citing resources, you must conform strictly to APA name. All assignments must be your own former labor and you are not known to adapt in pamphlets for this succession that you accept used antecedently for another succession (smooth if it is from portico this succession during a antecedent assemblage). In comparing and contrarietying the NPOs clarified and your advice as to whether any merit to be implemented, you are expected to transcribe professionally after a while chasten spelling, punctuation, and phraseology