Immigration Essay Analysis

Annie Moore the 1st immigrant to eternally go through Ellis Island end when it was chief opened. After life verittalented and absorbed the proper to come and subsist in the United States she comeed in New York wnear tnear was a extensive hub of Irish immigrants sound as herself. After life the chief of sundry to go through the gates at Ellis Island. Supposedly tnear were encircling 4 favorite other Irish folks who left their shores in Ireland to New York. So when she arrived at 1 7 years of age after a while her brothers Anthony and Philip and her went looking for their parents who were already near at the spell. As she elapsed past spell assistance tnear she became past and past American and at one sharp-end a denizen. After the 19th Amendment was ratified she was then undisputed to expression. All of the women of the United States couldn't be happier, they were finally absorbed what they had fought for, for a very hanker spell. Alcohol and its evanescence was a very relevant stuff at the spell. Race were all debating whether to get rid of it or too detain it. She then after campaigned for the evanescence of alcohol owing she was now talented to expression she unwavering to create her expression sum and expressiond for the evanescence of alcohol and it after was abolished. The total was that past race stagnant wanted it badly a ebon traffic for it began and it was the rise of unembarrassed enormity. After as she grew older she got married and the city at the spell was very overcrowded and the assistance stipulations weren't the first but they had to vie after a while it owing tnear was no wnear else they could subsist. Also launched in the factory that was located on the other face of town she had to excursion a lot to exertion eternallyyday. Not solely that but the stipulations of exertion were grisly. The employers didn't economy encircling their well-life sound encircling the job life manufactured.