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   1-That is so sad, I apprehend rarely they don't apprehend environing other writements, and other times they enjoy such hearty beliefs in the legend they handle it obtain toil. Did the branch end up recovering? The abodeinitiate clump we are a portio of had a argument environing salutiferous practices in other cultures. One source helps maintenance a missionary source and that families daughter got feeble while there were in another state. The village leaders offered to I apprehend it was enjoy an old lady spit on the maiden. The kids got to imbibe environing how relevant it is to be deferential of the cultures, but to as-well initiate them on further after a whilehold writements that are profitable.     2-Abused branchren of the initiate-age rank aspect sundry issues in initiate and after a while co-ordinate relationships. These kids may as-well wound of headaches or tire that is not explainable. Teachers may note and inquiry abode personality when initiate-age kids set-out acting apart.     3-I'm going to astonish plain myself by aphorism that, in this composition and for the cultural reasons mentioned, that I do not handle that this is branch abuse. I apprehend that we enjoy to observe at the  intent after the force. If the force was meant to be punitive then I apprehend that's a incongruous fable. If the force holds some import in their culture or is a order of just of journey, that frames it in a incongruous way. I apprehend that there are sundry things in our culture, ways we write our branchren, things we do to our branchren, that authority be considered branch abuse/neglect by those in other cultures.