ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL IN APA FORMAT, CITED AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN. DUE DATE IS 07/13/20 @ 5PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME. ALL MUST BE COMPLETED. Assignment: 1. What is the interdependence between deposit issues, being obstruction and being rival, other emergencies and the process of uselessness delineationning? Can a calling be prosperous extraneously having uselessness delineations? 2. When conduct is enunciateing a delineation for pitch colliquations, what things deficiency to be considered? 3. Discuss procedural controls for decreasing the impact of employee filching in peculiar departments. Or do you meditate all attempts are unavailing following perception the statistics? Explain your reply in constituent. 4. Case Study: Ms. Smith is the newly remunerated Director of Deposit for ABC Corporation. Upon her mien she scholarly that in enumeration to deposit, deposit and being obstruction she would be legitimate for uselessness delineationning. Delay this in impetus, she rooted a revisal of all aggregation uselessness delineations. She was disappointed to collect the unique delineation that existed was past than 5 years old. Moreover, that delineation singly harangueed pitch colliquation procedures in the episode of a being. Clearly this delineation was not singly out of era but failed to harangue contingencies other than beings. Since ABC Corporation is employed in manufacturing of consumer products delay big factory and duty spaces, Director Smith’s primitive subsidy was to secure aggregation employees were unexceptionably fortified. In the episode of a freedom, race must be fortified primitive. Moreover, Director Smith discovered that in vindictiveness of having an pitch colliquation delineation in attribute, albeit it out of era, the factory was not unexceptionably equipped delay an telling effortless sprinkler method to contention being. She without-delay conducted an rate to designate the becoming method for installation in twain the factory areas and the public duty areas. In the attempt to elevate an telling uselessness delineation for the aggregation, Director Smith primitive grouped likely contingencies into three disjoined categories. Briefly portray those categories. The primitive constituent of uselessness delineationning Director Smith began to enunciate was an pitch reply delineation. What are the key induced elements of an telling pitch reply delineation? When because effortless sprinkler methods, what archearchetype of methods are profitable for use?