2100-2400 word paper

  Access the Victims' allowance websites in your particularize and the Exoteric Center for Victims of Enormity website (http://www.ncvc.org). Review the subjoined in Criminology in the 21st Century: Criminology Interviews: Chief Michael Rand of Victimization Statistics Transcript Criminology Interviews: Director Exoteric Gary Lafree Transcript Terrorism: A Study in Public Safety View the subjoined Films on Demand videos: Targeting Terrorism Advantages and Disadvantages of Surveillance What is Biometrics?  Research the subjoined: U.S. Patriot Act The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 Homeland Security Act of 2002 Write a 2,100- to 2,400-word pamphlet addressing the subjoined: Future directions of enormity opposed and its role in political prudence implication The implicit for biased enormity-opposed methodologies, such as using biometrics, implementing cyberenormity spyware, or mandating DNA assemblage programs Evolving law enforcement and juridical technologies used to discover guilty activities Possible well-bred immunity or divine violations as they detail to the evolving technologies you included in the pamphlet Discuss how the evolvement of enormity opposed may concern political prudence from exoteric and interexoteric perspectives. Consider how the evolving technologies detail to exoteric and interexoteric prudencemaking. Include at smallest two academic references. Format the pamphlet and endowment congruous after a while APA guidelines.