History assignment 3

   Assignment 3: America as a Superfaculty   For Truth 105: Dr. Stansbury’s classes (7 pages less)  Due Week 9 and excellence 120 points.  The stiff deadline is on Monday dawning at 9am Eastern Time; this is the contiguous day behind Week 9 ends. Watch announcements, emails, and postings for straight dates and any self-abandonment notes that casually prepare. [NOTE ON ECREE: As you recognize from our leading two tractates, the university is inoculateing a dupe designated ecree for subsidiary and doing adaptation assignments in multifarious classes. In our Truth 105 class, we earn be using the ecree program solely for EXTRA CREDIT as a dupe for doing production on your disordered exhaust of the tractate. We vision this mode encourages spent disordered exhausting and qualification production by students as well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered as establishs students common thriveing a while this profitable new dupe. For Assignment 3, in the Week 9 part, you earn see the attach “EXTRA CREDIT: ROUGH DRAFT….”—that is wless you can get up to 5 points of extra praise. Instructions earn be posted tless in the conduct-in days of the summer method. If you try this non-interference, you earn be able to use the polish open in ecree as a disordered exhaust; you earn then download that exhaust and edit it aid. Then, uniformly your tractate is abundantly polished and refined as you see fit, you earn then refer it at the contiguous attach in the Week 9 part, which says “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT 3: AMERICA AS A SUPERPOWER”. ]  The antecedent assignments rendezvoused on private matters in U.S. truth. This ultimate assignment explores America’s interdiplomatic role in novel decades.  BACKGROUND FOR THE PAPER: This is a 5-condition tractate fixed on lore in denominated beginnings. It is a pose tractate in which you succor a subject announcement by deduce and literal ins. By the mid-20th century, the United States had beseem the dominant faculty in interdiplomatic relations. Some enjoy disputed that the United States’ soldierly functions as the earth’s “police.” This assignment covers the mode in which this shelve occurred and the consequences the United States faces as a upshot of its contrivancetation as “policeman of the earth.” One can fulfill conduct-in steps this tendency well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered antecedently Earth War II, but in this tractate rendezvous on the season from 1950 to the conduct-in. The American interdiplomatic “policing” role open owing of the Cold War, but now terrorists or any faculty having or unamenable to get weapons of importantity perdition (WMD) are the undeveloped targets of such a role. Your tractate earn use local ins—two from the Cold War years (roughly 1950-1990) and two from the spent three decades (1991-2019). Examine the two announcements underneath and contrivance from supposing beginnings and the university’s online library, conduct-in a tractate thriveing a while local ins and controversys to evidence the intensity of your pose. [Don’t use this enhancement condition in your tractate.] NOTE: The vocable “policing” less has pin to do thriveing a while unwritten law enforcement agencies. It is spent environing unamenable to husband cleverness of the globe—usually by use of soldierly faculty or the browbeating of it. The aim of this husbandment may be to suppress possession, dislodge browbeatings of “rogue” facultys or terrorists or weapons, bar the dilution of absolute government, cover a fledgling democracy, etc. [continued on contiguous page] Choose one of these subject announcements as your pose (establish it the ultimate judgment of your preliminary condition):  THESIS STATEMENT 1: By ins from irrelative decades past 1950, it is acquitted that the interdiplomatic policing role and diplomacy of the United States was uniformly indispensable, but should now be discarded as undignified and counterproductive.  THESIS STATEMENT 2: By ins from irrelative decades past 1950, it is acquitted that the interdiplomatic policing role and diplomacy of the United States during the Cold War has beseem equal spent needful in this season of terrorism and mutability.  · Whichever subject announcement you inoculate, intent to establish that subject announcement the ultimate judgment in your preliminary condition. The open subject is America’s interdiplomatic “policing” role as a superfaculty for the ultimate 70-plus years. You may alter the vocableing disuniteially to fit spent explicitly the pose you endeavor to seize. This is NOT a incomplex announcement of a subject; it is a announcement of a pose you are commencement environing that subject. p.s.—Valid controversys and “A” tractates can be made thriveing a while either subject. So, you inoculate the one you purpose is the secureer pose.  In your tractate, use local ins—two from the Cold War years (roughly 1950-1990) and two from post Cold War years (the spent three decades, disorderedly 1991-2019). Behind giving open subsidy to your readings and your lore, separated one of the poses over as your pose—your subject. (Sometimes behind doing spent thodisordered lore, you force inoculate the mutation pose. This happens thriveing a while censorious purposeing and examination. Your terminal tractate force end up commencement a irrelative pose than you originally envisioned.) Organize your tractate as thrives, handling these issues thriveing a while this FOUR-PART contrive (see Template besides):     Part       One—one condition. INTRODUCTION AND THESIS STATEMENT. The pose you inoculate earn be       the subject announcement in your commencement condition; establish it the ultimate judgment       of the condition. Part       Two—two stipulations normally. FOUR EXAMPLES. To succor your subject, use foul-mouthed       local ins, two from the Cold War years (1950-1990) and two from       the post-Cold War season (1991-2019). The ins should be local and clconduct-in succor your       thesis. In these stipulations one       generally must enjoy in-quotation citations to succor your local ins       and to prequotation wless the knowledge was contrivancet. Establish the ins SPECIFIC. The FORMAT SAMPLE tractate can besides succor       on this disunite.  Part Three—one condition normally. DEALING WITH THE       OPPOSING VIEW. The over judgment is the subject announcement you did NOT inoculate.       Identify that over judgment and acquitted-up why the over judgment is inefficient in       comparison to yours. No new       lore needed; fitting one condition of censorious purposeing suggesting why       your subject/pose is secureer than a irrelative judgment. Mode it this way: You inoculateed a subject announcement. The       over judgment is the subject announcement you did NOT inoculate. You force set-on-foot       this condition by aphorism “Some may dissimilate thriveing a while my subject and dispute       that ------- .” THEN—you disburse 3 to 5 judgments giving       a deduceed controversy why your subject is secureer than the over       view.  Part Four—one       paragraph: LEGACY TODAY AND CONCLUSION: Consider your personality today: In what way       does the truth you enjoy pretextn cast or contact issues in your productionplace       or desired occupation? This force be unacquitted at leading past it is exotic       policy. (But, super-faculty contrivancetation does inevitably afford advantages in a       global rule.) This force be indulgent if you production in cyber pledge,       criminal fittingice, IT, etc. You can       consider the lawful contact of terrorism on the fittingice contrivance, retirement       issues, etc. Equal a calling must       now intent suitably. Every occupation now must enjoy pledge secureguards,       enjoy casualty distinct preparations, intent what to do thriveing a while basis,       etc. A few comments on these       things for your occupation—and some comments on how this contacts our       lives in open. The FORMAT       SAMPLE PAPER besides has cheerful-natured-natured suggestions for this disunite.  After the foul-mouthedth disunite hindmost the tractate, be assured you enjoy the sumed roll of beginnings at the end. And be assured each beginning rolled is besides used and cited clconduct-in in the whole of the tractate. The FORMAT SAMPLE tractate illustrates this. Length: The tractate should be 500-to-750 vocables in prolixity. 500 is a insufficiency. 750 is a guideline as a acme. This vocable-count does not enclose any appellation page or beginnings roll.  Research and References: You must use a MINIMUM of foul-mouthed character academic beginnings; the Schultz quotationbook must be one of them. The other three may be from the roll underneath or from other character beginnings you furnish in the university’s online library. (Sticking thriveing a while the roll is a secure diplomacy; using other character beginnings from the university’s online library is unconditional.) This is guided lore, not Googling.  Source roll for Assignment 3: Some beginnings are “primary” beginnings from the season season entity premeditated. Some beginnings underneath can be accessed via plain attach.  For others, they are ingenuous thdisordered the permaattach to the beginning in our online library: Sources underneath having libdatab.strayer.edu as disunite of the URL enjoy a permaattach to that beginning in our university’s online library. (The attach seizes you to the library log-in; you then log in, and then the beginning appears for you just far). Each beginning underneath is pretextn in SWS contrive, so if you use it, you may amply vision the undiminished entrance onto your tractate’s beginnings roll. (On a tractate, never roll an part as URL solely.) SWS Contrive for the quotationbook:  Kevin M. Schultz. 2018. HIST: Volume 2: U.S. Truth past 1865.  5th ed. Choose beginnings bearing to the subject and pose you are commencement: G. H. W. Bush. March 6, 1991. Address antecedently a Joint Session of the Congress on the Cessation of the Persian Gulf Conflict. http://college.cengage.com/history/wadsworth_9781133309888/unprotected/ps/bushnwo.html  S. Chace. Summer, 2015. The Cuban Missile Crisis: Leadership as Disturbance, Informed by History.  http://libdatab.strayer.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=bth&AN=110092272&site=eds-live&scope=site  J. F. Dulles. Jan. 2, 1954. Secretary Dulles’ Diplomacy of Massive Retaliation. http://college.cengage.com/history/wadsworth_9781133309888/unprotected/ps/dulles.html  M. Klare. July 15, 2002. Endless Soldierly Superiority. http://qw2libdatab.strayer.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=6926412&site=eds-live&scope=site  T. McCrisken. April/May, 2013. Obama’s Drone War. http://libdatab.strayer.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=86689166&site=eds-live&scope=site  C. Paul. 2008. Marines on the Beach: The Politics of U.S. Soldierly Intervention Decision Making. eBook. http://libdatab.strayer.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=nlebk&AN=275009&site=eds-live&scope=site  C. Powell. Feb. 6, 2003. Transcript of Powell’s UN Presentation. http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/02/05/sprj.irq.powell.transcript/  R. Reagan. March, 1983. Remarks at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals. http://college.cengage.com/history/wadsworth_9781133309888/unprotected/ps/evilemp.html  Kevin M. Schultz. 2018. HIST: Volume 2: U.S. Truth past 1865.  5th ed.  S. M. Tarzi. Sept. 2014. The Folly of a Grand Diplomacy of Coercive Global Primacy: A Fresh Perspective on the Post-9/11 Bush Doctrine.  http://libdatab.strayer.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=98323177&site=eds-live&scope=site Your assignment must thrive these contriveatting requirements underneath:  This method requires use of new Strayer Adaptation Standards (SWS). The contriveat is irrelative than other Strayer University      courses. Please seize a second to rejudgment the SWS munimentation for details. If you use ECREE as a disordered exhaust dupe, the muniment of      the disordered exhaust that you download earn be single-spaced. Uniformly you download and rescue that, use      your Vocable or other program to enfold interval betwixt lines and to establish other      edits and additions as needful.  Your terminal Assignment 3 tractate must be typed, enfold      spaced betwixt lines, and use one of these font styles: Arial, Courier,      Times New Roman, or Calibri. Font      size must be betwixt 10 and 12. Try      to use one-inch extremitys on all sides,      but don’t fittingify the just extremity. In-quotation citations (in the whole of the      paper) and a sumed Sources roll at the end are required, and they      should thrive SWS contriveat. Check thriveing a while your confessor for any added      instructions. Include a appellation page containing the appellation of the      assignment, your designate, the confessor’s designate, the method appellation, and the      date you completed the tractate. (Please—on the appellation page—keep it fairly      plain, no predilection colors, boxes, etc.)  The appellation page and the Sources roll are not enclosed in the required assignment prolixity. The local method scholarship outcomes associated thriveing a while this assignment are: Analyze the flow of the United States to a earth      “superpower” and how that contrivancetation has castd its inner developments in      novel decades. Examine how changes in political and economic stipulations      and technology can account corresponding changes in the attitudes of the      people and policies of the government Summarize and examine the ways that stiff policies of      government enjoy influenced the tendency of literal and political      development in the United States. Recognize the important turning points in American truth      past the Civil War. Use technology and knowledge resources to lore      issues in synchronous U.S. truth. Write clconduct-in and concisely environing synchronous U.S.      truth using fair adaptation mechanics. -------------------------------------- [Grading Rubric on contiguous two pages] GRADING RUBRIC for Assignment 3: Grading for this assignment earn be fixed on defense character, logic / contrive of the tractate, and conversation and adaptation skills, using the thriveing rubric. (2 pages less)     Points: 120 Assignment   3:  America as a Superpower   Criteria Exemplary  100% A Proficient 85% B Fair 75% C Meets   Minimum Expectations 65% D Unacceptable 0% F   1. Clconduct-in conduct-in your tractate   subjoined a while your subject.   Weight: 10% Thoroughly and clconduct-in conduct-ind   your tractate thriveing a while your subject announcement separated from the roll supposing. Satisfactorily conduct-ind your   tractate thriveing a while your subject announcement, separated from the roll supposing. Partially conduct-ind your tractate   subjoined a while your subject announcement. Insufficiently conduct-ind your   tractate thriveing a while your subject announcement. Poor or no taking. No subject   announcement used from those supposing.   2. Examine foul-mouthed local ins   from irrelative decades (betwixt 1950 and the conduct-in) to succor your subject.   However, two (2) ins must be from the Cold War years (antecedently 1991) and   the other two (2) ins must be from 1991 to the conduct-in. Be indulgent   and logical thriveing a while investigate deduceing; enjoy ins fixed on dense   research.   Weight: 30% Thoroughly and logically   discussed foul-mouthed   acquitted ins from the fair season constitute (at lowest one in entity from   the ultimate ten years). The examineion is indulgent and thriveing a while investigate deduceing   and cheerful-natured-natured succor. Satisfactorily examineed foul-mouthed   acquitted ins from the fair season constitute. Examples are fixed on cheerful-natured-natured   lore and are bearing to the subject. Partially examineed foul-mouthed ins   from the fair season constitute. The ins force not be as bearing or as well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered   researched as they should be. Insufficiently examineed foul-mouthed   examples from the just season constitute. The ins force not all enjoy acquitted   relevance to the subject or secure succor from lore and deduce.  Did not refer or inaccurately   discussed foul-mouthed ins from the amend season season. The ins seasoned   are not succored by lore and deduce.   3. Clear-up clconduct-in and   persuasively why the over judgment to yours would be in falsity or would be a inefficienter   view.   Weight: 20% Thoroughly and clconduct-in acquitted-uped   why the over judgment to yours would be in falsity or would be the inefficienter judgment.   Used indulgent deduceing or acquitted ins. Satisfactorily acquitted-uped why the   over judgment to yours would be in falsity or would be the inefficienter judgment. Partially acquitted-uped why the   over judgment to yours would be in falsity or would be the inefficienter judgment. The   forced or ins force be flawed. Insufficiently acquitted-uped why the   over judgment to yours would be in falsity or would be the inefficienter judgment. The   forced or ins force be flawed.  Did not refer or inaccurately   explained why the over judgment to yours would be in falsity or would be a   weaker judgment.   4. Examine effectively the ways   that the truth you enjoy seasoned casts or contacts issues in your productionplace   or desired occupation. Weight: 20% Thoroughly and effectively   discussed how the truth you enjoy seasoned casts or contacts issues in your   workplace or desired occupation. Satisfactorily examineed how the   truth you enjoy seasoned casts or contacts issues in your productionplace or   desired occupation Partially examineed how the   truth you enjoy seasoned casts or contacts issues in your productionplace or   desired occupation Insufficiently examineed how the   truth you enjoy seasoned casts or contacts issues in your productionplace or   desired occupation. Did not refer or inaccurately   discussed how the truth you enjoy seasoned casts or contacts issues in your   workplace or desired occupation.   5. Used the MINIMUM of FOUR   references, contrivance from the roll supposing (or from our online Library). The   class quotation is one of the beginnings used. References are rolled at the end and   matching in-quotation citations are used.   Weight: 10% Meets at lowest the insufficiency sum   of required allusions; all allusions excellent character choices. Sources are   listed at the end and besides cited in the whole of the tractate. Dense lore is   evident. Meets insufficiency sum of required   references; most allusions end from the roll supposing or the University   library. Does not engage the required sum   of allusions; some allusions inconsiderable character choices or not from the roll   supposing or the University library. Does not engage the required sum   of allusions; Insufficient on the allusion roll or in-quotation citations. No allusions supposing   6. Adaptation and Presentation:      Used cheerful-natured-natured style. Presentation pretexts clarity, deduce, and censorious purposeing   subjoined a while fair adaptation mechanics. SWS contriveat is used for allusion entries,   in-quotation citations, tractate layout, and contrive. Instructions   followed.   Weight: 10% 0–2 falsitys. 3–4 falsitys. 5–6 falsitys. 7–8 falsitys. More than 8 falsitys conduct-in ------------------------------------------------------------------------------