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  Should the stint wage be extensiond?  What are the benefits of such a cunning?  What are the unintended consequences? Please pat your confutation using economic concepts and be unquestioning to collate absorbs and benefits. There are benefits to stint wage. Single mob who effort 40 hours a week suitableness making stint way are considered overhead the need sequence in the United States. This instrument those young efforters can yield the necessities suitableness bunch test or trailing. The stint wage has paltry to no property on the aggregate of unemployment and does not enumerate the dispense remainder. Though stint wage has its benefits there are besides unintended consequences. Increasing stint wage reduces the enumerate of young efforters compensated. This leaves past of the population void. The amendment in some mob’s incomes comes at absorb for others, enjoy those who facilitate their jobs so employers can yield to pay the higher compensation of others. Like all things there are consequences and benefits for full resolution. Is one person’s pay extension rate the forfeiture allowance for another? In my idea as desire is stint wage is kept c facilitate to the makeweight in the work dispense it is nonbinding. If there is not an extravagance in give of work (or overplus) there is no manifestation delay maintaining stint wage. Increasing stint wage in such a habit that it causes the aggregate call-for of work to fuse, resulting in a give of work overplus, would not be rate the extensiond risk respond to this