COM 1102 Research (1000-1500 words) MLA

  See the benevolence for details   Research Paper . The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway Begin your investigation using the FIT Library and its on-line springs. 1. Start delay biographical instruction on your doer. Find at decisive one amiable biographical spring and use this instruction for the primeval portio of your monograph.  2.  Choose one knowing spring, preferably a knowing (mate reviewed) or accurate time published in a university instigate life. Use this spring as the cooperate portio of your monograph. 3. Choose another spring of the similar property as your primeval spring and gain this spring the third portio of your monograph. 4. Choose a third spring of the similar property as your primeval two springs and gain this spring the fourth portio of your monograph. 5. The fifth and decisive portio of your monograph is a falsification in which you conquer observe on what you entertain conversant about your doer from your investigation. General Guidelines:  Use MLA Guidelines from your Bedford Handbook pp. 569-674. Length: 1,000 – 1,500 Words. Do not use Wikipedia. Sources: JSTOR/LRC/Summon.