Psy5110 Week 7 – Assignment: Summarize and Evaluate a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Instructions For this assignment, you unravel the article written by Buzi, Smith, and Weinman (2014) located lower your weekly media. These authors used a chi-square resolution to awaken the grounds from their examination consider.    Now, transcribe a digest of the examination, including setting notice on the theme, the deep hypotheses, methods, results, and the conclusions drawn by the examinationers. In importation to this digest, be indisputable to oration the aftercited in your tract: Describe the unsteadys used in the resolution, parallel after a while the smooth of delineation (i.e., suppositious, ordinal, space-between, or pertinency) for each unsteady. Explain why the examinationers used chi-square to awaken the grounds. In other control, how does the smooth at which each unsteady is measured indicate which resolution is expend?  Please subsistence your reply to this interrogation using the sequence materials or other well-informed media. Did the authors use a diverse knot of participants (e.g., diversified ages, races, etc.) in their examination? You should draw some characteristics of the scantling used in the examination. Length:2-4 pages Your tract should prove mindful motive of the ideas and concepts presented in the sequence by providing new thoughts and insights regarding promptly to this theme. Your counterpart should mirror well-informed letter and exoteric APA standards.